4 Crucial Questions To Ask a Guy To Make Sure He’s Your Soulmate

So, you’ve met an amazing man and you two have been going out for a while. You share every single aspect of your life. Yet, you haven’t shared with him one particular thought: taking the relationship to the next level.

To land up with an ideal soulmate is the most dicy part of a romantic relationship. Agreeing to spend time and be in love with each other “forever and always” takes some solid decision-making skills!

We have decided to make things easier for you. Ask these 4 questions to find out whether your date is your potential soulmate.

Here they go:

1. “What is your thought about an ideal relationship?”

If he answers your question stating something on the line of “An ideal relationship never experiences conflicts”, he is wrong. Every relationship is like a ship sailing on a vast ocean. There will be sunny days and there will always be phases of thunderstorms. One who agrees to cope with the odds to sustain a happy relationship is the true soulmate!

2. “How do you face conflicts in a romantic relationship?”

Let’s face it: conflicts are part and parcel of any relationship. The first few months of a relationship are spent on a fantasy land of “all love and no fights”. Then as you spend more time together, conflicts are bound to emerge and they are actually healthy! Disputes help you to grow as a person, become more accepting of differences of opinion, provided it’s tackled healthily!

3. “Will you fight for a sinking relationship?”

It’s very easy to enjoy the initial stage of a relationship. But once the courtship is over, it gets tougher to adapt to the difficult situations.If your date seeks to escape from adverse circumstances instead of sticking together with determination, he’s not your soulmate. A true soulmate always hangs on to you and sees a way through, no matter what!

4. “What would you change about me in this relationship?”

You just asked a trick question. For, there are no two answers here. You should be loved for who you are. Your partner should find happiness in being with you for your unique personality and quirkiness! In short, if the unadulterated version of you does not attract your lover and he wants you to change, you don’t need a clairvoyant to tell you he’s not your soulmate.

So, if your weirdest acts attract a warm, amused smile from him,and the answer to your question is “You’re perfect just the way you are,” you’ve struck gold, mate!

Dig into Your Heart Too

Apart from asking him these questions, you should also look into your own soul for some self-discovery. Ask yourself these questions:

“Does he open up about his own feelings?”

“Does he compliment me for my personality traits and not just my beauty?”

“Does he talk about the future of our relationship?”

“Has he spoken the three important words yet?”

And the most important of the lot: “Does he consider me to be his perfect soulmate as well?”

If you find yourself replying in the affirmative, consider yourself one of the very few lucky lovers in the world.

So many people are in a relationship with someone they secretly detest. And here you are, looking forward to a glorious future with your soulmate. More power to you!

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