4 Powerful Reasons Why Setting Goals Can Help You Recover Faster

When you are addicted to drugs, you are somehow aware that you have to deal with this addiction. It sets two routes for you– either you can go down that road and become more and more addicted, or you can try to build yourself up again. When I was trying to go through the drug detox program, I should have felt proud of myself. It was my first step towards fighting my addiction. But I wasn’t. I did not know I had so much strength in me that I could deal with everything I wanted. I was doubtful. I did not know if I could last for long. I would disappoint everybody. Or even if I did last, it would take me so long that no one would be there waiting for me anymore. I didn’t want to disappoint anybody.

But most of all, I did not want to disappoint myself. I wanted to achieve something and I knew people were counting on me. I was counting on myself. So, with the help of my sponsor, I knew I had to set goals for myself. Goals so as to recover completely from this drug abuse. Here are some of the reasons why setting goals are one of the most important steps to take towards recovery:

1. Being Responsible

One of the first things that goal-setting teaches you is to be responsible. You know that when you are setting a goal, you become responsible for fulfilling it. There is no excuse. If you can actually fulfill your goal, you can be proud of yourself. But if you falter and fall short of it, then there is no one you can blame but yourself. It was all about you – and you had the power to make or break it.

2. Staying Motivated

You have to stay motivated and that’s the reason you need to set up long-term and short-term goals to direct your life. You have to check your progress when you are setting up these goals. However, motivation is not that easy to carry. You might find it challenging too. That’s why you need a proper support system that will always keep you up and motivated. In my case, my sponsor was a wonderful person who kept me motivated during the drug detox phase. Keep your eyes on the small goals and keep your support system informed, but don’t ever lose your sight from the ultimate goal that you have: recovery.

3. Personal Growth

One of the important things that we need to understand is that in life we need to grow, and this growth can only take place when we are going outside our comfort zone. Personal growth cannot take place when you are staying in a routine and looking at life from the same perspective. Start small – if you want, you can start by making your bed. It’s a small step but it offers huge opportunities for personal growth.

4. Living Life To Its Fullest

Once you start setting goals for yourself, life starts to develop a new meaning. It is no longer the same one as before. You find beauty in life – it’s almost like diamond pieces with every second being a diamond. You give value to the passing seconds. You start living every moment. If you have a goal-oriented lifestyle, you will not have a second to spare. You will have no regrets as ambition will be driving you forward. Most importantly, you will still have your eyes on the final goal. And you are moving towards it.

Recovery can be easy and if we try, we can recover ourselves. All it takes is a little bit of planning and lots of personal goals. Because of my sponsor and my support system, I know I’m well on my way towards recovery. And life has become more beautiful.

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