40 Experiences Every Woman Should Have By Age 40

These are the experiences all women must have had by the time they turn 40:

1. Should have kissed someone so intensely and powerfully that it will forever define ‘passion’ for her.

2. Made love to someone who was aware of every pleasure zone in her body.

3. Awareness of any genetic illnesses that might manifest so that you choose the appropriate lifestyle to prevent that from happening.

4. Learned to have a confrontation with a person she is close to in a calm and collected manner.

5. Been the role model and guide for a kid she is not the mother of.

6. A ‘safe space’ for herself where she can relax in peace and do any thinking that needs to be done.

7. Learned to make one difficult recipe and to make it well.

8. Has one good friend who can always help her find laughter no matter how tough things are.

9. And a friend who is always there when she needs a good cry.

10. Bought a costly present for herself because she knows she’s worth it.

11. Had a goal that was so out of the world that she feared it.

12. A relationship she can tell stories about over the years.

13. Knowledge that everyone will get older and that living on requires money

14. An experience that was very painful but has made her stronger.

15. A beautiful dress that she loves enough to wear just about anywhere.

16. A habit that she does for herself and only for herself.

17. Understanding that her parents were not perfect but that they did everything they could possibly do.

18. Something that makes her cringe every time she thinks about it but increases her appreciation for the memories that make her happy.

19. Recorded her emotions and ideas in a Diary.

20. One friend who she can always turn to when she is in trouble.

21. An object that always makes her sentimental.

22. Awareness of what she wants and doesn’t want from a partner.

23. A secret that she has never told anyone which always brings her pleasure when she remembers it.

24. A woman more advanced in years as her role model.

25. A spiritual path where she learns wisdom and is nurtured.

26. A song that seems to be about her.

27. One that she always has to sing out loud.

28. A bucket list. It is alright if she hasn’t ticked off everything yet.

29. A vision that motivates her to get up and work even on the worst day.

30. Understand herself well enough to use what she knows about herself.

31. An accomplishment that no person can make you feel bad about.

32. A collection of photos that always brings her happiness

33. The loss of a person whom she cherished so much that there will always be an empty space inside her.

34. Learned to say ‘no’.

35. An acceptance of herself just the way she is.

36. An activity that she can do for ages without getting bored.

37. A few white hairs or some other imperfection in her body.

38. A lover who made her adventurous for as long as they were together.

39. Savings for times of trouble.

40. An understanding that 40 is the prime of life and there is so much left for her to do.

One comment on “40 Experiences Every Woman Should Have By Age 40”

  1. Barbara Gillette says:

    Yes all of those things I agree with. I have lived through many of them

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