5 Lies That Will Make Your Relationship End Quickly

Every relationship undergoes a toiling process to sustain itself. Within the process there are white, black, and some grey areas depending upon the situation. Some people go to extreme in telling lies whereas others just live with their fibs. However, in both the cases there are risks involved regarding the sustainability of the relationship.

There are five lies which you must be aware of before telling to your partner if you wish to protect your relationship from reckless damages.

1. Needs and Desire

Many people end up lying about their basic needs and desires either to please their partners or to seem funny and easy-going. You always know that your relationship is not going to last longer when you have to like the movie you always hated or to hate the T.V. series you once binge watched just to ensure the compatibility with your partner. Thus, you should avoid lying to entertain your partner.

2. Emotions and Feelings

Just like the needs and desires, feelings ought to be expressed to your companion. You hide a very pertinent aspect of your personality when you hide your feelings. Gradually, these secrets lead the relationship to obscurity and misunderstandings. You must not water the aggressiveness underlying your heart as that would surely destroy your relation with your companion. However, this does not mean that you should crowd your partner with all your mood swings. Just a tad bit of your dissatisfied feelings shall do the job.

3. Loyalty and Fidelity

Loyalty and fidelity are not something just ascribed to the physical cheating. Emotional cheating is as significant as physical cheating as the former is capable of the damages, which even the latter may not be. Ironically, many people do not even realise that there is such cheating as “emotional cheating” albeit it must be the most obvious one in the list of lies you should never tell to your beloved. Therefore, before indulging into your “casual flirtation” think about your existing relationship, and imagine yourself at the place of your partner.

4. Past and Exes

If you do not want the history to bite your butt, you must clear the air about the past to your present. To avoid the unpleasant surprises of your ex bumping into your present, it is necessary that the latter must know about the former beforehand so that he or she would not feel blindsided. You must be honest when you finally decide to put all the names of your “romantic history” on the plate in front of your partner.

5. Kids and Babies

Undoubtedly, babies are the gift of the god. Nevertheless, perspectives may vary and there are few people who do not desire one in their lives. Therefore, you should make sure that your partner is not one of them if you have decided to have your own kid once you settle down. Also, if you do not want kids then make sure that you and your partner are on the same page as these kinds of lies and differences destroy any relationship no matter how long it went and how strong it was.

So, avoid these lies and enjoy your healthy and prolific relationship with all its benefits!

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