9 Things Women Do That Are Attractive to the Worst Guys

This article is for you if you always attract the jerk that ends up breaking your heart and leads you towards sadness.

The girl who is attracted to a number of people has many dating options. It is not always that you get benefits, sometimes you end up in the worst scenario like breaking your heart because you also attract jerks. And once you start dating them they show you their true colors.

Every time it happens you end up thinking, ‘why do I always end up dating jerks’ or ‘what do I do that attracts jerks’?

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So here are some of the points that you might be doing due to which you become the attraction queen to jerks.

1.You don’t seek for guys who don’t speak much

You may find an extrovert or a louder guy more attractive than the introvert or the one who doesn’t like talking. But being a quiet person can be a sign of being mature. Guys who are louder, talkative flirts tend to be more appealing to you but these are the signs of immaturity.

2.You approve the bad behaviour

Sometimes you remain unnoticed to the vaguely bad attitude he represents with others. You don’t confront him on his bad behaviour which leads to your approval of it. Your approval leads to him going down the path to doom.

3.You seek for guys who fit in the known pattern

You might have heard that ‘change is required for a change’. So, if you want a different ending you need a different kind of guy than the last one. The same kind of guy will lead you to the same result of heartbreak and sadness.

4.The good guy seems ‘Boring’ to you

You might think that ‘kind-hearted guys are boring’. But this is not true; they have their own way of doing adventures. They provide you with emotional security and try their best to make you happy. The better you know, the happier you are.

5.You being too sarcastic!

Trust me if you behave like a sarcasm queen then you are definitely sending the emotionally mature guys away from you. A mature guy wants a girl with whom he can feel free and share his love. And if you are treating people badly or being sarcastic to them then it means you are scaring the good guys away from you.

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6.You don’t think before the dating approval

Even when a hot guy tries to pursue you and doesn’t seem bad to you, you should still give it a deep thought before giving the approval. Sometimes the person is not what he appears to be. He might scratch your past wounds and also give you some new ones. So, it is always better to think before.

7.You wanted to be approved by the bad man

Once in your past, you had been rejected by a bad guy and due to which now you seek the approval of bad guys to overcome that situation in your mind. You want to win over them by being attracted to them.

8.You are less emotional

Good guys seek for girls with whom they can share everything and can be emotionally attached. Not being emotional also scares the mature guy and attracts the bad guy. Bad guys don’t seek emotional stability in girls.

9.Lay girl!

You have been made to suffer to such an extent that you no longer have it in you to struggle again and again to get the right guy. You just take whatever you get.

It’s not that you go for the jerks but you seek from the ones who approach you which are more often jerks. Go out of the box and find your Mr Right!

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