5 Signs He Will Never Cheat On You

Love is heavenly. To fall in love with someone is a dream-come-true. You feel blessed to find a life partner to share all your moments with and you are ready for all the commitment and sacrifices needed to make it last for a lifetime. But we all are familiar with this reality. Sometimes your partner grows tired and loses interest in the relationship. He becomes indifferent to you, starts having an affair. When you come to know about it, things take a bad shape and everything turns bitter. Your heart is broken and you end up feeling dejected and lost.

Why can’t boys be honest? Is love such a fickle thing? How could he lose interest from this so easily? These pressing questions have no answer. When a relationship lacks the element of trust and honesty, its doom is evident. Relationships are complex and to maintain it is a daunting task. Each has specific traits of its own hence its difficult to point out reasons for infidelity or the breakdown of it. The emotional toll it takes on several peoples’ life is unfathomable and immense.

This is the reason why a lot of women are paranoid and thus become overprotective of their partners in front of other girls. The tendency to be crazily prying on them stems from the worry of being cheated. They check his messages, call list, tries to keep him away from his friend group etc. Love and loyalty in a relationship is a rarity nowadays.

Hence if you are equally worried about him being unfaithful to you, this is the time you introspect the situation yourself. You need to observe these 5 signs in him to be sure if he can ever cheat on you or will be faithful to you forever.

1. He is entirely honest with you

He is honest with you for both small and very important matters. He is always true to you about his feelings, his whereabouts. He expresses his desires and opinions and corrects you if you are wrong.

2. He is extremely concerned about you

You are his biggest priority now. He is immensely concerned about you, always asking you about your mental and physical well being. He is an open book to you so that you don’t have to call each other always or pester each other about your plans. Nothing is forceful or compulsory. Everything just happens. He willingly informs you about all his engagements so that you are not in any doubt.

3. He doesn’t waste away his time but keeps busy in work

He has a concrete motive in his life. He is very hardworking and ambitious. He believes in work and no wasting or idle time. He makes correct use of the money he earns. He maintains a strict regimen and a relaxed lifestyle, so the chances are bleak that he will ever engage with another girl behind your back.

4. He has kept his past away from the current relationship

He has stopped bridging the gap between him and his ex. Things that have already happened are in the past now. He is happy and content with his present girlfriend. He has cut all ties with his previous partner so you don’t build up doubts.

5. He becomes your pillar of support and strength.

Your problems are his problems now. He is there for you through thick and thin. Being incredibly sensitive, he knows you will get hurt if he cheats on you. So he loves you unconditionally. He gives you all the encouragement necessary to grow in life and promises to keep you happy and content.

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