7 Signs Someone Is Trying to Manipulate You

It’s no unknown fact that the self-obsessed people are the ones who manipulate others for their own gain. Through harmful and evil ways, these shrewd people make use of psychological knowledge to control others. They are very complicated and cryptic beings.

Harriet Braiker, who wrote ‘Who’s Pulling Your Strings?’, said that through psychological manipulation others’ actions and attitudes are transformed, often through abusive, concealing and other gross means.

World famous clinical psychologist, Dr. George K. Simon presented three necessities to perfectly manipulate others:

Hiding violent traits and outbursts

Analyzing the opponent’s mind to find the right way to manipulate them.

Ruthless to the extent of not feeling remorse for the victim.

Many times, sufferers have managed to understand their ways simply through ‘gut feeling’. They can feel that something is indeed wrong.

Check out these 7 signs to see if you’re being manipulated

1.They force you to tell about yourself first

On hearing your story in details, they gather enough valuable information about you to use against you.  If you feel their intentions are misplaced, then don’t talk to them at all.

2.They’ll overwhelm you with false superiority

Being too clever, they will dump all these extra confusing facts and trivia about things you don’t know much about. This is their way to enforce control over you so that they can play you at their own whims.

3.They spread negativity

You might have noticed manipulative people talk loudly and rudely to others whom they want to control. This shows their desire to force them to submit to their whims and wishes. It’s an age old method to make a weak person crumble against power.  Keep your calm, stay away and refuse to listen to them, if you face such situations.

4.Feeding on others’ insecurity

People with insecurities become the first and easiest targets for psychological manipulators. They consider it to be a great weakness and therefore go to large extents to increase that insecurity in others. By making fun of others and ridiculing them, they manipulate them. You must boldly tell them that this kind of behavior is uncalled for and unacceptable. Also, stay away from them.

5.They’ll pretend to be innocent

The most cunning and shrewd ones often try to act ignorant and foolish to conceal their true game plan. Just how a child pretends to be unable to do something to make the adult do it for them, similarly these manipulators uses this technique to make others do their work. Don’t succumb to their demands and simply refuse to do anything for them. Be confident.

6.They alter information

They change the truth for their own benefit. They’ll create an utter mess by putting the blame on others and other tricks to manipulate. These pathetic liars don’t deserve any attention.

7.They pressurise others

They put too much pressure on others to make them snap under stress and take wrong decisions. Don’t let them do this to you.

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