5 Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

We can conquer almost any adversity in the world with ease as long as we do not get conquered by our mind first. But it is easier said than done. Our mind is very shrewd. It picks up everything that it sees and then it adapts to all those changes without us even noticing. But it does not have to be that way. If you feel that your brain is turning into a chaotic mess, then you can take action. Our initial operative system is to be at peace. And we can get back to the way how things were. We just need to train our mind to do so. And here are 5 ways you can do it:

1.Chose to have positive thoughts

Half the chaos in our mind comes when we are overwhelmed with everything bad that is going around us. But we look at the negative so much that we cannot think or see beyond it. For your mind to be at peace, you need to think positive thoughts. When you chose to look at the positive, your mind is at ease. It feels better and is more peaceful than before.

2.Think peaceful thoughts

As mentioned before, your mind picks up on things that it observes. It starts getting realigned to thoughts and experiences it is exposed to. When you think peaceful thoughts throughout the day your mind gets aligned to peaceful thinking. When you feed your mind with these calming emotions at different points in the day, you are reigning in the chaotic thoughts that your mind has.

3.Start meditating for a little while each day

When your mind feels like a battleground and your thoughts have gone anarchic, meditation can be the strongest tool in your arsenal to take back the control. By definition meditation means channeling your thoughts and controlling them, instead of letting them control you. Meditation doesn’t mean you block unwanted thoughts. Meditation gives you the power to analyze these thoughts without getting perturbed and thus getting rid of them systematically.

4.Start living in the moment

Our lives are so fast paced that at any given point there are a million things going through our head. Even while at meals we are thinking of meetings and appointments and bills to be paid and so on and so forth. Stop doing that. You are overexerting your brain and that will not do you any good. Start living in the moment. Focus on the now. You will see the difference, how much at peace you are.

5.Try spending time in nature

Take a break from your busy city life. Our natural state is not one to be cooped up inside these concrete buildings. Try having your lunch in a nearby park instead of at your desk. Try to get some leaves sanctioned and go spend some days in the countryside. Try exercising out in the open. Stop paying too much attention to trivial pursuits. It might seem like materialistic matters are of the most importance but it is not so, and taking a break into nature will help you see that.

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