6 Most Important Differences Between a Father And a Dad

What is the difference between a father and a dad? A father is a person who is responsible to conceive a child, whilst dad is a figure that nurtures the child. People often use father and dad as two synonyms but there’s a difference between the meanings of them. The fact that one can become a father has nothing to do with being a dad, because not every father can and will become a dad. Being a dad is a life-long pursuit and not every father got what it takes.  So, what are the biggest differences between the two? Read this article below:

1. A Father is Biological, Dad is Emotional

 A father is someone whose genes are carried on by the child. A father is responsible for conceiving a child and it’s a biological figure. Every man who is capable of reproduction can become a father and it doesn’t take much effort to become one. Dad is an emotional figure in the life of the child and in the family and has a lot of value attached to it.  Becoming a dad means accepting each and every responsibility to help the kid grow with love and care. A dad is responsible for the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the kid while the father doesn’t take these responsibilities.

2. A Father May Be Absent, Dads Are Present

 The father may not be present to take care of the child, or just be there for it. We have all seen and heard, and witnessed numerous cases where the father of the child left the family and abandoned them, because they don’t want to take their responsibility. But we also heard of men that that became part of the family and accepted other’s children as their own. These are the kind of men that makes them a true dad. A dad will never deny his responsibility and it doesn’t matter for him whether the kid is biological or not. They are here to present care and love for them.

3. Father’s Talk At Their Level, Dad’s Talk At Their Child’s Level

A father is someone who may not treat their kid as a kid. They may lack of affection towards their kids and they may talk to them as they don’t mean much to them. They don’t feel the need to connect with their children and hence why they treat them nonchalant and distant.

A dad on the other hand, understands the kid as a kid. They make sure they get to their child’s level when they talk to them. Dads want to connect with their kid and they want to establish communication where the child could understand him better, so getting himself on a kid level is no problem for him because he knows that through conversation he can help the kid much better and connect with it more.

4. A Father Can’t Be An Idol, A Dad Becomes One

A father may not be attached to a child and then he acts what he wishes to act and he doesn’t care whether the kid is observing his behavior and what impact he leaves on the children. A dad is always mindful on his words and actions when the children are nearby. He understands that the kids learn from him and he’s willing to create a good reference point. A dad is someone who truly works hard to become their best for the kids, and becomes their idol. The kids start looking up to him and that is when his work shows the best.

5. A Father May Judge, A Dad Understands

A father doesn’t care a bit about what kind of a person his child is becoming. They often manipulate the kids with treats to keep them aware that he’s the main figure in the family, so the kids must work at his will. He judges the kids behavior and mistakes they make and he judges them because he feels nothing, or very little to them. He doesn’t think twice how his words have impact on the kids and gladly pass judgments and comments.

A dad is mindful of his words, careful towards the kids. A dad wishes to talk to the kid and find out the source and stem of the problem, so they can work on it together. He tries his best level to be there for their kids and understand them, so he consciously tries to improve them without pointing towards imperfections and mistakes.

6. A Father May Reject, A Dad Accepts

A father bears no other responsibility except fathering a kid. The child later may be rejected by them, be absent in their lives physically or emotionally or be judged and manipulated by them. He doesn’t find a reason to be in their child’s life.  A dad is always and forever accepting their child and loving them until the end. The child may have million flaws but the dad will not abandon them or deny his love to them. He’s not going to reduce his affection, not matter how hard that can be if the kid denies them. Acceptance is truly what matters to the child, and a dad will never let go of his love and affection towards them.

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