6 Mysterious and Strange Things That Happen While Sleeping

Sometimes unpleasant and strange things occur while we sleep. Nobody can explain why those things happen, they just do and some of them are really scary.

Here are the mysterious things that happen while sleeping:

1. Sleep paralysis

Around 7% of the world population has experienced sleep paralysis. This is a sleeping condition where all of your muscles are turned off while your brain is still awake.

2. Hypnagogic hallucinations

This sleeping condition mostly occurs in children when they are seeing scary images and faces during sleep.  These hallucinations can also be caused by stress.

3. Sleepwalking

It occurs in 4.6- 10.3% of the population. It’s a sleeping condition when people walk during their sleep. Nobody knows why it happens and how to treat it.

4. Out of a body experience

This happens when the person is half asleep and half awake, and can see himself outside his body.

5. Sleep talking

Mostly men and children are prone to this sleep talking and it can be caused by stress. This sleeping condition is not dangerous, but it’s very annoying.

6. Recurring dream

Recurring dreams are conditions where your brain wants to pay attention to something you didn’t notice in your everyday life.

Source: WomenDailyMagazine

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