6 Signs a Nice Person Secretly Has Negative Intentions

Have you ever met a person in your life that seems VERY nice, almost unreal nice and then surprises you with an attitude that, let’s just say was not what you saw inside of that specific person.

Usually, when people trick us into thinking that they’re extremely good and pure, and even graceful, we close our eyes to the signs they’re giving themselves off because we believed in the image they sold to us.

People, wanting or not, give a piece of their true selves away, and there’s some very noticeable signs that we must pay attention to. We picked those 6 by number and here we go:

1. They Repeatedly Make Demands

You should pay attention and notice this one out, because these people using their manipulative “nice” face will make you feel bad if you don’t submit yourself to their orders. They will softly continue to demand something out of people they usually play with. It’s the feeling of superiority that they have over people and they do want others to fulfill their agenda. Challenging their words and refusing to be their toy is a sharp way that will prevent you getting sucked into their games.

2. You Feel Bad After Talking To Them

You make a nice conversation, you both smile and seem that you like each other, and when the person leaves you feel emotionally drained and totally unhappy for meeting them. You feel bad after talking to them. It’s because your gut is telling you that you should get off of them as better as you can. Avoid constant conversations just to prove yourself that they’re okay when you know inside that they’re not.

3. They Show Abnormal Eye Contact And Body Language

They literally stare at you when you talk, they try to look you in your eyes as much as possible, they even forget to blink. Their attention to your body movements and their own attention to their own body movements mean that they are very, very careful how you feel and what you say. Basically, they are measuring you. Once you are measured, they try overly hard to leave themselves a good mark on you.

4. They Use Persuasion As A Game

A bad person that hides behind a good persona uses persuasion to get what they want. Flirting, even subtle sense of hidden passion, and using peer pressure to make you do something that you don’t want to do is one of their elements while forcing others to do their jobs for them. They are pro’s at manipulating people and they usually get what they want.

5. They Use Humor To Insult You

There is half percent truth in a joke, have you heard about that? These people will try to pull jokes on you to cover themselves for their true intentions and end up making you feel bad. They will use this to make you feel bad about yourself, to feel humiliated and to let down your guard and confidence. Try to return the joke with words, not silence. The rest is up to you.

6. Their Conversations Are Always One-Sided

They talk, and talk and talk. When will they stop? Um, if you don’t stop them we guess never. These people love to show off themselves, they even lie just to put themselves in a good light, and their only interest in life are their own selves only. Cut the conversation to let them know that you’re not into that one sided self praising.

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