Ancient Technique That Can Trigger Your Super Human Abilities

Human beings have an insatiable urge to worship forces of nature. And what more potent symbol to worship than the Sun; the thing that gives us all life?

The Sun was very aptly called Savitr by Ancient Aryans of the Indian subcontinent. Savitr literally means, “The dynamic”, or the “life-starter”. The Sun’s energy is the one that takes different forms in nature to nourish us and all forms of life. All energy cycles can be traced back to the Sun.

The Japanese call it Amaterasu, the goddess mother from whom they are descended. As Ra he was the king of all the Gods of Egypt and as Apollo he also reigned over poetry and art in ancient Greece. They all believed that the Sun has healing properties and could endow the practitioner of Sun-gazing with better health.

Sun Gazing is still practiced as a ritual called Surya-Namaskar in many households in India. This entails that the practitioner gaze at the rising or setting sun for ten seconds at a time, slowly increasing the time with each passing day. Even modern scientists and innovators have been fascinated by this technique and have written about such similar rituals.

Nikola Tesla for one often contemplated on the possibility of obtaining life-sustaining energy from the sun directly instead of getting it through food, indirectly. Called HRM phenomenon nowadays, it is in vogue ever since once Hira RatanManek tried it and got tested at NASA. Since then its various advantages have been discussed. These include:

1. Pineal stimulation

The pineal gland has always been said to be the proverbial third eye of Indian philosophy. It is known to hold secrets of rejuvenation and anti-aging processes many times. The Sun’s rays stimulate it according to lab tests.

 2. Proliferation

It is the only form of nutrition that makes the pineal gland proliferate that is, grow. The pineal gland along with the pituitary is responsible for overall hormonal health, which in turn influences overall body health by a large degree.

3. Weight loss

This is in respect to the Tesla theory. If even a small amount of energy can be directly substituted by sunlight, one would theoretically ingest less food to make up for it. This would in turn cause lesser fat accumulation. Though this is a theory, it is still something to think about.

But most important would be that considering the previous points, the sun’s rays in some ways or the other do have the ability to rejuvenate the human bodies. It is for the same reason, that yoga practitioners have included Surya-Namaskar right at the beginning of their routine for thousands of years. Besides you know what they say about waking up early anyway. There must be some truth to it.

So set the alarm for tomorrow and try this out. Take your time and adjust the timing according to your convenience and ease. If anything, you’ll get up early and see a beautiful sunrise anyway.

Stay healthy, stay happy.


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