6 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Longer And Thicker In Just One Month

Every woman dreams for having a long, thick and shiny hair. Although genes play important role for having a beautiful and thicker hair, also there are some tips that can make your hair longer and thicker.

Trim your hair often

Don’t be afraid to trim your hair often. You should cut your hair every 3 months to get rid of the dead hair and split ends.

Use hair conditioner

It’s important to use conditioner for your hair. It helps put important vitamins and nutrients back in the hair. If you use it regularly, you will see healthier hair in no time.

Use hair mask once a week

Find a suitable hair mask according to your hair type and use it once a week I order to make your hair healthier, thicker and fuller hair.

Sleep on a silk pillow

Not many people know that cotton is actually bad for your hair. Softer fabrics, like silk and satin, are much more suitable for your hair. Switch your cotton pillow with a silk one and you will see a noticeable difference in your hair health upon waking up the first morning.

Avoid using hair dryer

Heat causes damage to your hair, that’s why it is very important to avoid using hair dryer too often. Let your hair dry naturally at room temperature instead.

Don’t over-wash your hair

Don’t wash your hair every time you take a shower. In fact, your hair will be healthiest if you only wash it once or twice a week. This is because shampoo removes important nutrients from the hair and makes it dull and thinner.

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