6 Things That Will Ruin a Relationship Before it Begins

A relationship between two humans is quite possibly one of the most beautiful there is. It involves having a healthy amount of trust and respect for each other, apart from also being conditioned to live with another individual who didn’t start off as family.

It gets tough at times, trying to manage your personal life with your public, but in order to maintain a relationship, one must rethink their priorities, and realise what is more important to them at a given point of time. If one is unable to spend or invest enough time and energy into someone they claim to like, it is useless trying to be in a relationship at that point, for it would fail. This results in broken hearts, and on several occasions, a breakdown of nerves.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum, is investing time and energy, but to an extent that would be severely bursting through the ceiling. Be reserved in what you do, and how you do, for if you give your attention to someone, without caring for your own, the relation will die before it began. One can only truly and utterly love someone, only when they truly and utterly love themselves.

Here are a few don’ts in any relationship:

‘I love you’

It’s a beautiful sentence. But, only when it is meant completely, and said in moderation. When you keep on yapping about your love to someone you have met just a week before, you come off as way too forward and needy. This gives a bad image of you to the person you are dating or want to date, and makes you out to be someone who is easily pleased.


Don’t think too much into the future. When you have just started dating, take it casually. Don’t get too deep without truly knowing the person. Thinking or making plans about the future when you have just started dating makes no sense, for you don’t know if you would even with the same person after a decade or so. It’s a young, fledgling relationship. Why not have fun before everything?


This is always a bumper. Never, ever, put a label on someone when they are not. If he is not your boyfriend, don’t regard him as such. If she is your girlfriend, don’t hesitate to regard her as such. But, if they ain’t, you shouldn’t. For it makes for awkward situations, where the other person would slowly try to distance themselves from you.


Intimacy can be an issue, usually in the beginning of the relationship. Don’t be so intimate so early on, when people start thinking that this is a physical relationship to begin with. If you are in a physical relationship, then it’s fine. But if you aren’t, then don’t make a move which is not fully consensual. It would amount to rape, you see.


Meaning is subjective. Especially much so, when it comes to relationships. In the world of social media, when you can’t really see someone’s face or their expressions while they are typing something, and then you get the text, it’s okay to feel dubious. But don’t go all out, guns blazing, trying to understand why he/she said something. It would result in nothing, but fights.

Asking them out

Have fun. Go on dates. Take them to cafes, and ice cream parlours. But, maintain your own self-esteem. If you keep on doing it every day, it puts you in a place where you look like someone who can’t live without company, or the touch of another person. And that is depressing.

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