50 Small Things You Can Do To Make Your Woman Happy

1.Praising her on something small which is likely to go unnoticed.

2.Sending card, with a personal note, not just your name.

3.Telling her of small things, for instance a song which made you think of her.

4.Bringing home something for her every time you go out.

5.Remembering the birthday of her mother.

6.Sending a simple text wishing her good morning.

7.Offering to help with chores such as doing the dishes.

8.Noticing changes in her appearance for instance a haircut.

9.As well as noticing her new hairdos.

10.Asking her about the day she had and offering to discuss her problems.

11.When driving with her, picking the kind of music she prefers.

12.Giving her access to your gadgets.

13.Saving stubbs and other memorabilia from your dates.

14.Preparing a drawer in your house so that she can keep her own stuff if you aren’t living together yet.

15.Taking her opinion about your actions which are bound to affect her as well.

16.Taking her out to meet your family, often.

17.Complimenting her on how beautiful she is, randomly.

18.Sharing her pictures across your social media handles.

19.Planting a small peck or kiss on her forehead.

20.Saying the three magic words to her every time you leave for work.

21.Making eye contact when you have sex.

22.Public displays of affection, such as holding hands.

23.Small surprises such as a movie or book which she is bound to like.

24.Letting her inner fangirl break free and rant about a show you have no idea about.

25.Including her friends in your outings.

26.Standing up for her if someone is rude or obnoxious towards her.

27.Telling anyone who cares to lend an ear how grateful you are for her.

28.Telling her how absolutely stunning she is, first thing in the morning.

29.Offering to pick the check.

30.Going down on her during sex.

31.Shielding her from the roadside traffic when you are walking together.

32.Even if you don’t want to, sucking it up and apologizing.

33.Surprising her with a pre-planned and well thought out date.

34.Staying up past your usual bedtime to be able to text her.

35.Snuggling with her and pulling her closer when you both are half asleep.

36.Remembering little things about her like her preference of pizza toppings.

37.Letting her take the major share of your bed, as well as your blanket and pillow.

38.Running your hands through her hair.

39.Telling her all about the day you had.

40.Compromising on the choice of TV shows.

41.Carrying around her stuff, for instance her purse when she doesn’t feel like.

42.Letting her doze off while on your chest.

43.Breakfast in bed.

44.Bringing home toys for her pet.

45.Letting her take her pick from your tee-shirts and sweatshirts and strut around in those oversized clothes.

46.Sharing your meals.

47.Singing her lullabies when she can’t sleep.

48.Back hugs and snuggles, randomly throughout the day.

49.Wearing stuff that she picked out for you or the one you know she likes.

50.Telling her how important she is for you and her significance in your life.

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