7 Calculated Risks You And Your Partner Can Take Together To Strengthen Your Relationship

We all know that life wouldn’t be possible without change. Some of these changes happen to us and we have no option but to go with the flow and sometimes we have the option to take a risk and see where it leads us. Although, usually we are the ones who bear the fruit or the brunt of these risks. But not when we are in a relationship with someone. Being with someone, linking your life to theirs’ means that whatever you do, will affect them too.

So it is better to take some of these risks together. It will not only help you, to have a partner in crime- but would also strengthen your relationship with your partner. When you wager something, and work together to make it work – your bond deepens. Even relationship counselors have agreed that taking calculated risks together can bring two people closer together. Here are a few cases how-

1. Trying new things between the sheets

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, the conformity can set in without you even noticing. Taking risks such as going at it in unusual places, sharing your wildest fantasies etc will go a long way in making sure your sex life doesn’t get stagnant.

2. Shifting to a new place

When you both are shifting to a new neighborhood or city, you only have each other to rely for support. When there are no parents and/or friends to help you make the tough decisions and you work at everything together, that can definitely bring you closer.

3. Couples’ counseling

Admitting that your relationship needs professional help can be the most daunting thing for any couple. But when you decide to do it- you are showing the other that you value them enough to try and save things. And that you want to pull through this, together.

4. Starting your family

This is the kind of commitment which is definitely something challenging. You have no idea what life is going to throw at you but you have enough faith in your partner to try it anyway.

5. Commitment

Commitment doesn’t necessarily come in the shape of marriage. It could be a million things, depending on each person and the stage their relationship is at. But it is a huge risk nonetheless and when you and your partner decide to be with each other, exclusively- you are showing that you are not just happy to have them, you love them enough that they are choosing you over every other possibility.

6. Disagreeing with your partner

When people like their partner too much- they are hesitant of speaking against them and risking the relationship. But when you really want to have a future together you can’t sit back on things that matter to you. Letting them know your views, on the risk of their displeasure is very important.

7. Taking a challenge together

It could be going on a cleanse together, trying a new fitness regime, or having a reading marathon, whatever stimulates the two of you and is enhanced when there is healthy competition is good for the relationship.

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