7 Reasons Why Men Change in a Relationship After 6 Months

Relationships are no cakewalk, it is a meandering mountain path with loads of obstacles that needs to be overcome with team effort. We all have insecurities and want to guard parts of us that we feel are ugly and undeserving of love. Getting to know someone is a gradual process and often the first six months in a relationship, we are at our best behavior- we are kind, courteous, charming, forgiving and most importantly patient.

It wears off with time and small differences begin to surface, it is then that most couples realize they cannot stand each other anymore or they try harder to make the relationship work. Effort, communication and trust are the pillars of a healthy relationship, even if one is missing, the structure falls. It is vital to not be blinded by love and to see the red flags as warning signs, not some random decoration! There are issues that can be solved by making necessary changes in behavior or lifestyle but some flaws are so deep seated that they refuse to leave. Also, something that your partner finds annoying could be an integral part of you. For example if you have OCD about cleaning and your partner is a messy person, either of you need to adjust but then if you realize your partner is a compulsive liar and gaslights, you know what to do.

There can be a million reasons for the change in behavior after a while, here are the common ones:

1. That Is Who He Is

May be is finally at ease with you and is letting his guard down. All this while he had his mask on and you thought it to be his real personality. This can be both a good and a bad thing- good thing is he is letting you in his small world and the sad part is, you may not like it.

2. He Is Done With the Relationship

Let’s face it: staying with someone for a long period of time can be pretty exhausting and the spark eventually fades. The key to a good relationship is to rediscover yourself and put efforts to keep that feel good factor. May be he is just tired of you and being with you isn’t his priority anymore.

3. He Thinks The Wooing Has Ended

Once he realizes that you are already head over heels in love with him and the relationship is pretty stable, he just retires like there is nothing left to be done! He feels that the relationship is stable and will work out without much work, which is a terrible evaluation but the most common one. He just feels he needs rest after the romantically charged first six months

4. He Is Guilty

Maybe he has not been faithful and has cheated on you. He may start acting way too differently because his guilt is eating him up – either a bit too sweet or a little too distant. It is important for you to figure it out.

5. He Doesn’t Want Drama

It is natural to have disagreements but if the man is unwilling to work it out in a positive manner, he is looking for excuses to justify his behavior and walk away.

6. He Thinks He Has Earned It

He has taken you for granted and will no longer try play an active role in the relationship. He will expect you to do everything under the sun, which is a lot of emotional labor, and then blame you for “changing”.

7. He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

May be he is just not that into you, and it’s time to accept it.

Don’t worry. Life happens.

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