6 Important Things You Can Learn About a Person Based on How They Kiss

Before they find ‘the one’, most women will kiss about two dozen men and date around two of them seriously. Most will also go through two heartbreaks before meeting this person. As scary as it may sound, don’t let this dissuade you from looking for your true love because it will be worth it when you find them.

There’s also an easier way to go about this. As incredible as it may sound, there’s a lot you can learn about a person and your compatibility with them from the first time you kiss them. Here’s what you need to watch out for.

  1. Can You Feel A Spark?

While this isn’t a very dependable way to find out, you’ll be able to sense the chemistry you share with that person the moment you feel that spark ignite. This is something you need to experience to understand it. Even if he’s not great at his kissing technique, if there’s passion it will cover up for that.

  1. Is He Skilled In Bed?

Physical intimacy is an important part of any relationship and you can tell how skilled he is based on the way he kisses you. If he shows good technique, it is very likely that the same extends to his skills as a lover.

  1. Does He Have Confidence In Himself?


If he is tense and nervous when he tries to kiss you, he probably doesn’t have a lot of confidence in himself. But if he moves in with ease, he’s confident and a hundred percent sure of his actions.

  1. Does He Practice Good Hygiene?

Kissing can be unhygienic but usually it is okay except in the cases where some illnesses come into the picture. There’s a lot you can learn about the way he cleans up just from kissing him for the first time. If he has stinky breath, it is likely that he doesn’t clean his teeth or floss properly.

  1. Is He Listening To You?

The first time you kiss someone you won’t exactly be able to tell him what you prefer and about the way you’d like to be kissed out loud. He has to be good at picking up on the non-verbal cues you’re sending him. You’ll see that he’s listening to what your body is saying when he recognizes the slight indications you give him. He is focusing fully on figuring out what you want him to give you.

  1. Does This Have Potential?

If a person kisses you, he clearly has feelings of attraction towards you. But this still doesn’t mean that just one kiss will tell you how serious this relationship is going to be. It may be that his extreme enthusiasm is an indication that he’s not actually serious. But if he is gentle and cautious when he kisses you, he may actually be sensitive to the way you feel.

You can learn all this and more from just kissing someone. However you also need to pay attention and focus at the right time if you want to be able to analyze the moment.

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