7 Things Strong Girls Really Want You to Know About Them

Strong girls can make life seem like a dream. No matter how bad things get, they have the strength to maintain a perfect facade of normalcy, all the while coping successfully with their problems. But this kind of strength comes with its limitations. People develop certain misconceptions about strong girls. Their confidence and courage is often misread as arrogance, and often they can come across as harsh and insensitive.

Below are some of the things you should know about the strong women of the world:

1. She has emotions too and she protects them zealously. Most strong women have been hurt in the past, and this makes them cautious while engaging in emotional bonds again. She doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve and carefully judges people before investing her emotions in them. She does not live life recklessly.

2. She is only in for the long run. She isn’t the kind to indulge min one-night stands. She will not give her heart away to someone who she doesn’t believe will be there for her during the difficult times, to act as a tower of strength for her. She isn’t interested in casual flings. She is not one to mess around with when it comes to matters of the heart.

3. She breaks too and it would be absurd to believe she doesn’t. It is a very human thing to happen and it is a pity when people forget this in the case of strong women. The strongest people feel defeated at times and they need people to be there for them and be the support system that is their safety net when they fall.

4. She has her fears and hesitations. Just because she’s brave doesn’t mean she is never afraid. We all have our demons, and just because we have the courage to face them, does not mean we aren’t afraid. Strong women and girls, like anyone else, have their fears. They have hurdles they need to cross, messes they need to sort out. They falter too, but what makes them incredible is their ability to face every challenge and get past it the best they can.

5. She is a dreamer and she’s not the only one. Strong women have huge dreams, and the grit to realise them too. They get their strength by learning from their mistakes and past experiences. They aren’t invincible, they miss their mark too. But they learn from the past, and follow their dreams with more precision and perseverance every new day.

6. She knows she’s worth it. Her confidence is often misinterpreted as arrogance and conceit. People expect strong women to be unfriendly and cold. But they are just good practitioners of self-love who know how not to take things lying down. They will fight for what they believe they deserve and achieve them.

7. She has moulded her strength and chiselled it out of her past struggles. She has fought her way through life and become who she is today. Her strengths make for the scars as well as her prize of the battle. She is determined, industrious and wise.

Strong women and girls are beautiful people who are destined to be the backbone of the world. They are engaging people once you earn their trust and friendship. They are the ideal advisors, guiding the people they cherish towards success and happiness.

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