The 8 Crystals Every Woman Needs In Her Magical Repertoire

Healing through gemstones or fortune-beckoning through talismans and amulets, has been a ritual mankind has been guilty of for as long as civilisation has existed.

Recently the frozen skeletal remains of an ice-age man was discovered in Russia. Now such things are discovered every other year thanks to climate change and melting ice-caps.

What was most interesting however was the fact that the remains, buried almost 27,000 years ago were decorated with 25 bracelets of ivory beads, made of more than 2900 individual beads.

Now if such an early civilisation if it can even be called that, took such pains to carve something as difficult to carve as ivory into such a beautiful work of art, it must have been because of the spiritual importance they attached to it.

Other civilisations like the Indus Valley and in extension even modern Hindu society, Chinese, Tibetan, Sumerian, Egyptian and even the Stone-Age Maoris have traditions that say certain gemstones heal certain ailments and produce certain effects on an individual’s life.

Modern mainstream endorsements of gemstone usage for such purposes are also common with celebrities like Posh, Adele and Katy Perry and Kate Hudson using them.

The first step towards proper usage however is awareness.

You must know the effects of each crystal before carrying them on your body.

Here are eight such crystals and their use:
1. Shungite

98% carbon. Mineraloid. Black.

This is a protective gemstone. The crystal helps protect your person from all the EMF radiation around us.

EMF is present all around you, in every electronic device from a simple battery operated torch to a laptop or a TV.

This black crystal can help shield you from them. It is common practice to wear it in the form of bead necklaces.

2. Garnet

Silicate. Various colours. Blue the rarest.

Has been prized as a gemstone for its beauty since the Bronze Age.

They are associated with freshness and vigour and are very well known as the so-called “push” providers.

Suppose you feel fatigued, stressed, tired and pressured, thanks to work/life in general, try this little gizmo out.

It will act as a caffeine-free pick-me-up, a non-alcoholic solution to your problems.

3. Fluorite

Crystalline Calcium Fluoride.

Prized by lapidaries since ancient times, this bright green gemstone is the material form of peace and harmony.

It absorbs negative vibes and clears out the mind’s channels, making way for positive thoughts and actions.

4. Amethyst

Silicon dioxide. Quartz by composition.

The ancient Greeks named it “amethystos” which meant “not drunk”. This is because they believed it protected its owner from excessive inebriation/poisoning.

It not only de-stresses your nerves but also helps you connect with your inner self and channel your ESP/Esper abilities.

5. Rose Quartz

Silicon dioxide with titanium, iron or manganese in trace amounts. Pinkish-reddish in hue.

It encourages the feelings of warmth and love and affection between individuals of all relations, be it family, friendship or just romantic love.

Some individuals also report to have enjoyed slight aphrodisiac effects from its usage.

It also helps boost self-love.

6. Iron Pyrite

Also called “fool’s gold”. Ferrous Di-Sulphide.

This is known to keep destructive self-criticism and self-destructive thoughts in general at bay. Hence it is a fine aid when it comes to self-improvement, meditation and boosting positive vibes.

It is also attributed with a number of de-toxifying powers.

7. Selenite

Crystalline gypsum. Also called gypsum flower/desert rose

This is a cleansing substance. It will purge bad vibes and negative energies right out of your mind and leave you with a peaceful, easy feeling.

This would make meditation easier and also improve your power to concentrate in general.

8. Rhodonite

Manganese inosilicate.

It is the crystal most deeply associated with self-acceptance. It brings peace when unnecessarily destructive criticism almost brings you to your knees.

It is a big confidence booster as well.

Hope these bring you the joy, peace and energy you always wanted and needed in life.


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