7 Ways To Avoid Bad Karma In Your Life

The theory of karma is very simple. Your actions in present life will determine your rewards or punishments in your next birth. So, if you are a good person, but still feel that your actions and rewards are sabotaged then it might be the influence of your bad karma, haunting you from your past.

Here are the 7 ways through which you can keep bad karma at bay in your life.

1. Patience is the key.

Being patient is one of the most essential attributes of our life. When we lose patience then we are ready to gratify ourselves in all means possible, which is wrong and unjustified sometimes. So, it is important to analyse and enjoy your present for the moment. You should make plans for the future, but you should never allow greed and gratification to take over your actions.

2. A big no to toxic connections.

The vibes you get around yourself from various people form a very significant part of your actions. Your karma gets affected by them. If you have toxicity around you then it is more likely that you will be troubled by bad karma. Please stay away from such people.

3. Say yes to love and happiness.

“As you sow, you shall reap.” This is the basis of karma in our life. If we spread love and happiness all around us then undoubtedly we’re going to receive them for ourselves. So, to manipulate bad karma out of our lives we need to say yes to love and happiness that brings positivity into our actions.

4. Keep your mind in a positive direction.

Every action that you perform is determined by your mind. So, you can say that it is the control panel in our body. It’s necessary to keep your mind in a positive direction so that your whole self can remain positive. If your thoughts are negative then you are going to end up with negativity all around yourself.

5. Apologize when required.

You bring bad karma with your bad deeds. So, if you really want to bring change in your life you need to feel bad about what you did wrong to others. You should feel apologetic about it. When you ask for forgiveness with a genuine sense you repent in a true manner. In this way, you can free yourself of bad karma.

6. Spread kindness with spontaneity.

If you want to alter your bad karma then start spreading your kindness with random actions. The more spontaneous you’re in your action the more positive influence you will have on others. Randomness is essential because you cannot just spread your kindness to manipulate your karma, rather, you need to do it for other’s good, with an altruistic motive.

7. Never leave learning.

Always learn from your experiences. Your karma is the sum total of all your minor and major deeds.  In case, when there is piling up of your wrong deeds or present mistakes then your bad karma starts haunting you. But if you begin to learn from your mistakes, you can avoid the same wrongdoing in the future.

So, start doing these 7 things, and free yourself from all the negativity around you.

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