19 Powerful Ways to Take Care Of Yourself as a Woman

As women, we have to use different techniques to take proper care of ourselves. We need to stand up for ourselves. Confidence is our key. We need both strength and beauty to tackle the world. We know self-care is necessary, but we are often clueless about it. Hence, these are some tips for self-care.

1. Sleep

This is necessary for the survival of our body, but we often forget how important it is for self-care. Going through Facebook posts till 2am and getting up at 6 isn’t enough sleep. Try to sleep as close to bedtime as possible. Use some kind of scented diffuser to relax. Switch off the lights and sleep tight.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is no joke. We drink it when we are thirsty, but without enough water, self-care is impossible. It keeps our skin glowing and body healthy. Being thirsty means you’re already a bit dehydrated. Have lots of water.

3. Have a hobby

You keep busy at work or in taking care of your room, but don’t let all this make you forget your hobby. Have a hobby like reading or writing and make time for it. It’ll help your wellbeing.

4. Do nothing

Take a break. Sometimes, you should take a time out from everything, even the things you enjoy. Your body needs to relax. So sit on the bed and stare at the wall, if you have to.

5. Go out

We feel cloistered inside. We face so many things that sometimes it feels too much. Go outside, have a walk. It just puts things into perspective.

6. Speak up

We have been discriminated against for a long time, and it’s far from over. But now, we have to raise our voices. So, speak up when you see something wrong. Keep your foot down and revolt if you are paid less than the men. It’s illegal.

7. Help people

People think self-care is selfish but it doesn’t have to be so. Help people out. Open the door to someone or at least, say thank you. Be kind and pleasant.

8. Don’t lose your boldness

Women are often called bossy when they speak up. Don’t let it get to you. Never let any man walk over you. Be bold and take strong decisions when you need to.

9. Don’t miss doctor appointments

If you feel weak or have a bad cold, don’t just let it stay that way. Don’t try self-diagnosis either. Just go to a doctor and treat yourself. A runny nose is not self-care.

10. Take care of your hair

Whenever you’re feeling down, just go for a shampooing in the shower. Do not rely on dry shampoos always. Let your shiny hair fall over your shoulders. The shower has the ability to charge your confidence.

11. Get dressed

You don’t need a reason for this. Get dolled up for a meeting, hot date, or even a girls’ night out. Going out for a walk? Get dressed. You’ll feel more confident.

12. Be Free

You’re in your room, and feeling bored. What do you do? Just turn up the music, sing and dance. No one’s watching you so let it all out. It’ll release your tension.

13. Be a bit indulgent

Diets are fine but they can get hectic. Especially if you have pizza in front of you. So indulge a little. You can have a diet later, just have some chocolate or pizza. It won’t hurt once in a while.

14. Spend

Saving for the future is important but no one wants to be a miser. Stop thinking about taxes and get a gift. You need to treat yourself sometimes.

15. Don’t think about other’s thoughts

Self-esteem is important for self-care. The first step to better self-esteem – don’t think about what others are thinking. Ignore everything – you do YOU. If you want to be alone for some time then it’s completely all right.

16. Your mental and physical heath comes first

We can have depression. We can have anxiety. Don’t ignore them. Know that you are not alone. Try to have a mental health day. Go to a therapist. You need the care.

17. Help when other women need your help

We need to support each other. Sometimes, men don’t really understand us so we need to put ourselves first and bring each other closer. Help your girlfriends and coworkers. We can do best together.

18. Let go of things

Not everything is in our control. Learn to let go of things. If you can’t help in something, leave it. Let go of the past. Don’t let anything control you.

19. Don’t give up

It’s a tough world for women but we have the power to plough through it. Realize that power and just keep going. We can do it.

Self-care is a continuous process and it changes as we grow up. Let’s take the commitment to not give up on it. It’s a great journey of power and confidence. You go girl!

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