7 Years Old Boy Dies After Being Abused by His Parents-The Doctor Finds a Note in His Hand That Will Crush Your Heart

How many of you have heard at least one story of a child abuse? Every year around 40 million children are victims of abuse.

This is a story about a little boy named Ivan, originally written in Russian. Although it is fictional we think that everyone should read it because this is an issue that cannot be ignored. It hit us right in the heart.

Ivan’s story must not be forgotten!

Drawing of Ivan

After two days, Ivan died of bad injuries. The doctors found a note in his hand that was not written clearly.

So many people and children suffer abuse at the hands of the people who are supposed to love and care for them. We all have the power to stop child abuse!

This story originally appeared on: Newsner 


2 comments on “7 Years Old Boy Dies After Being Abused by His Parents-The Doctor Finds a Note in His Hand That Will Crush Your Heart”

  1. jean casola says:

    This happen to me also , the beaten were so bad , I had to wait until I was old enought to run away and I did , I am now 68 yers old and the things that were done to me I still can’t talk about . The scars are forever in my heart, still Til This day I still have never talked about it to anyone,

  2. nancy says:

    I use to think that the daggers in my heart were normal, because it was the one thing that was always there in my heart, no matter how many homes , I grew up in I remember I tried so many times to tell a big person, I was always told be glad that you even have a heart at all, if you didn’t you would be dead! and through the laughter I would hear someone yelling at me to get outside and play, and stay out until your called to come back, so all my life I had those sharp daggers, they were always there until I got older and got my little place to live all by myself. It took awhile to make my place real comfortable, I snuggled up in my little home, I was feeling so busy and tiered I fell asleep and when I woke up I forgot to check my heart and when I tried those pains, I was so scared I called the for an ambulance, to take me to the hospital my heart stopped and I am going to die. the doctors told me my heart was strong and healthy, your going to be around for along time yet. I started to cry and it was that very same day, I realized I had it backwards you get those pains when you are going to have a heart attack. Those pains still come once in awhile, and it is a bit scary but one thing for sure, I have a big healthy heart…and that can even make me smile sometimes.

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