Intelligent People Tend to be Messy, Stay Awake Longer, And Swear More, Science Confirms

Maybe it’s not surprising the fact that extremely intelligent people think, act and behave differently than people with an average IQ. But, it’s definitely surprising to learn how these geniuses come up with their enlightened decisions.

Scientists have found out that intelligent people are different in some other aspects. They are less concerned about many everyday things that occupy most of the people, such as going to bed early, cleaning or watching their language.

Check out the things below that probably is holding you back from true brilliance all this time.

1. They usually stay up late

Studies have proven that highly intelligent people don’t go to sleep early. This study has been conducted on a large subject group of young people from the US and was concluded that the higher the IQ of an individual the later he or she goes to bed.

According to the results of the study, the children with an IQ of 75 and less go to bed around 23:40 while the children that had an IQ of 125 and higher hit the sack about an hour later.

2. Intelligent people are messy

Intelligent and creative people enjoy being surrounded by chaos and that’s what inspires them to be more productive. According to the researches at the University of Minnesota the messy environment stimulates their creative thinking.

3. They use profanities a lot

According to a recent study the excess use of profanities and swear words is connected to rich vocabulary and fluency. Scientists have confirmed that highly intelligent people use more profanities, which means that they have high vocabulary and fluency.

Source: Independent

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