These Are The 8 Ways Introverts Pick Their Person

Introverts have the book of ‘How’ and ‘Why’ memorized in their hearts. They don’t go searching for love while announcing it to the world, but they would wait patiently, silently watching everything happening around them, until love walks towards them. They are masters at waiting, and experts at understanding people. But, that might create confusion for people who are not in sync with their line of thinking.

Someone, who might be in love with an introvert, but unable to gauge their reaction, would be in an embarrassing position, if they don’t know which way to go. Here is a list of 8 ways through which introverts find their mate. In no way is this comprehensive, and may vary person to person.

1. Observation

They are masters of observation. No matter how much they are in love with someone, they wouldn’t stop observing everything that is going around him or her. They are continuously determining their position in your life and vice-versa, and calculating, if it would be worth, in the end.

2. Taking things gradually

They never take things fast, for haste always leads to waste. They mean every relationship they are in, and they would like to gauge everything, the pros and the cons, and go very slowly, ascending each step with time, so that nothing untoward happens that forces them to think that they are placed in a position where they would have to compromise on things they hold close to them.

3. Letters over phone calls

Introverts would rather text or mail you instead of meeting face to face, or calling over the phone. They would be more articulate over texts, when they feel that they would be judged less by the other person, but if they still pick up the phone to call you, and talk in slightly hesitant tones, then you are the one for them.

4. Taking the lead

Introverts would never take the lead, for it would present them as bold, which they would never consider themselves. They would prefer someone else takes the lead, which could be a simple ‘I love you’ or a kiss on the cheek. They are always unsure, and would rather die than put themselves in an awkward position.

5. Old heart in a Young Body

They are not, at all, your kind of social animals, or party freaks. They would rather spend their day with a good book in hand, and a cup of coffee on their couch, rather than meet a score of people they don’t know. Yet, if they still come to meet you, amidst a lot of people, you can be sure you mean something.

6. Comfort and Trust

Introverts would be with only that person who would make them comfortable in their own skin, and not force them to change according to their whims. They could be with someone whom the whole world hates, only because they are comfortable with them, and they trust them. People, whom they can share silences with. People, who would understand them for the person they are.

7. Dislike for most people

Introverts would always make their loved one feel secure with them, for they dislike most people, and would never let them go, for someone else. They would rather turn into a genocidal maniac, rather than love someone they don’t trust.

8. Wanderlust

Introverts are free birds. Fiercely independent, they would never tie themselves up with someone who wouldn’t be up to their level. They would never want to settle down, and have a boring life with company; unless they find someone with whom that boring life would get interesting.

Consider yourself lucky, if you are loved by an introvert, they are the best sort of people.

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