8 Habits That Accelerate the Process of Aging

Everyone is afraid of looking into the mirror and finding one day, an image of withered and decrepit remains of their old selves. Age is a constant reminder of one’s own mortality. Cutting to the chase, humanity has struggled against time every step of the way on its evolutionary road. Now there are very simple things that can be done to reverse aging, the primary one being keeping active and exercising; but these things would be of little avail if one does not let go of harmful habits that accelerate aging. Here, we have enlisted 8 such harmful habits. Stay wary of these and stay healthy.

 1. Not continuing with education

Aging is highly dependent on stress hormones; the lesser the stress in you, the better for your age-reversal processes. When you give up on education, you essentially condemn yourself to a life of mediocrity and anonymity. It is very hard to come to terms with it and to recover from it. Besides, education helps you think more analytically about yourself and the world and contributes highly to your cognitive abilities. When you give up on something like that, you end up more stressed than usual.

2. Not meditating

Meditation and yoga actively help you zone out from all the stressful happenings around you and focus on yourself. This reduces stress hormone levels dramatically. Daily meditation also keeps you in excellent health and rejuvenated enough to face the world.

3. Unhealthy eating habits

Not giving your body time to process the food it consumes is one of the cardinal sins you can commit. This causes the body immense trouble digesting and absorbing the food you put in it. Besides, not controlling the amount of fat and sugary foods you consume opens a can of worms you simply can’t contain.


4. Lack of exercise

Combined with the previous factor, lack of physical exercise causes accumulation of unwanted excesses of fats and sugars in your body. This unhealthy accumulation makes it hard to metabolise and causes weight gain, increased blood pressure and a string of other harmful things.

5. Letting your blood pressure get out of control

Now this one is a no-brainer. Increased blood pressure is the single biggest symptom and cause of stress caused to the body. It prevents smoother flow of blood. When blood doesn’t carry enough nutrients as a result of increased pressure, to important organs, it makes them fail left, right and centre. Increased blood pressure leaves two organs most at risk: the heart and the brain. Now take a minute and thing where you would be without even one of them.

6. Not watching your metabolism rate

The biggest symptom of a slow metabolic rate is a sudden rise in body weight. This is a sign that the body is under stress and is storing extra food in places, here and there. This is also the alarm bell that should trigger you to start working out and getting rid of that extra weight.

7. Smoking tobacco

It is addictive, period. Smoking tobacco is a leading cause of lung cancer and embolism and has also been linked to everything, from increased blood pressure, to aggravating diabetes symptoms. So just stop smoking. You can live without nicotine smoke in your body. In fact, you will live a better quality of life.


8. Not living in the moment

Not living life to your fullest is something we all do, in this age of overworking and millennial enjoyments. However, it’s not like people can’t stop this habit.  As a matter of fact, the more you enjoy the smaller pleasures of life, the better your chances to beat stress and live longer.

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