9 Comebacks for Dealing with Rude People

We as human beings tend to have love/hate relationships with people. Sometimes your most loved one can say something to you that will get you off your shoes, and most of the time when a tough discussion happens we have nothing to say, nothing extremely good as a comeback but when we get home we think of the conversation and find the best comebacks but now it’s too late.

We give you 9 comebacks for the times when you’re dealing with rude people and how to knock them down:

1. “Thank You.”

A simple “thank you” will reflect dignity and maturity on your part when encountering a rude person. You chose not to completely ignore the person but you also acknowledge the fact that you understood that the person has nothing nice to say and that makes you stay above them. They will quickly find out that the spoken words didn’t affect you, and they made a fool out of themselves.

2. “I Appreciate Your Perspective”

Not only you steeping up the conversation on a more adult level, but you’re also denying to stood low on the level that person is trying to pull you in. This is a phrase that will let the person know that you hold the conversation and you lead the conversation, in which you’re taking off his right to feel free to speak whatever he wants.

3. “This Conversation Is Now Over”

You demand the conversation to be over. You let yourself overpower and control the words that were spoken to you and you have every right to let it continue or make it over. Choose to take the high road and surely not allow this conversation to carry on.

4. “Why Do You Feel That Was Necessary, And Do You Really Expect Me To Answer?”

Especially in group settings, this will surely put the person you’re talking with in check. Instead of getting out the anger off of you they’ll meet a steady, calm person that is ready to talk and solve things quickly. Other people will need to know that you’re not going to tolerate rudeness, uncalled questions and behavior that don’t apply to your manners. If they say “yes” to the end of the question, just answer them “well it looks like this isn’t your lucky day” and end it right away.

5. “That Almost Hurt My Feelings”

Which certainly didn’t, and your opponent will get the idea very quickly. You give them right away that have no power over you and your feelings and certainly not over your mood for the day. This short and valuable sentence will discourage the person to make any other remarks upon you.

6. “You’re Right”

While most people have a tough time saying these two words, you show that your ego is not hurt and admit their “rightness” which will cut the conversation very fast. What do they expected more? You’re accepting their rightness and will disengage you from the conversation. They may end up thinking in themselves if your words met their ego in believing that you said that to please them or to let go of unnecessary conversation, and while they’re thinking, you know you’re ending up “the right one”.

7. “You Always Have Something Negative To Say, Don’t You?”

This takes the attention off of you and back onto them, making them think twice about the choices of their topics. Not only will you rightfully so, draw their focus onto themselves but will make them consider twice about what they say in the future. Just listen to your gut. It’s never rude to point out something in a person that is so obvious, especially if that person is negative and constantly tries to find something to argue about.

8. “I Love Myself, And I love You Too”

This is not for saying to your boss, that’s for sure. This is meant for your spouse, for your closest ones and some of your very close friends. You’ll show that your kindness will beat out the negativity, and you’ll draw light upon the darkness that was cast. It will cool down the situation and you’ll be the winner of it.

9. Laugh

When you acknowledge something very stupid that was said to you, you laugh. A nice laugh will get the person off guard and will make them feel embarrassed for what they say. It will surely make the present problem a little bit less serious and your opponent will feel un-thoughtful about their words that cast onto people. Two hits with one laugh.

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