A Morning Habit That Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

Are you late for work? Or perhaps you are thinking about finishing a new project as soon as possible? Probably, you have the habit of getting up late and running to your work without making your bed. After all, who’s going to look at your bed and judge? If you are a busy person, you may have done it many times.

Time is precious and sleeping itself takes up a lot of time. Making your bed after all that is just too much, right? Don’t get too hasty now. I think you’re going to break your morning habits if you knew how much it can impact your personality. Especially, if your morning habits decide how healthy you are or the amount of sex you get each week.

Study reveals shocking personality traits

Experts have found out that what you do after waking up reveals a lot about your personality trait – down to the television series you watch. Shocking, isn’t it? Time to be aware of your morning habits – your Netflix recommendations are based on it. The study surveyed about 2000 Americans and has revealed astonishing data about their personality. A pattern emerged and that’s all you need– it’s clear that there’s something going on with their personalities just on the basis of whether they make their bed in the morning or not!

For the Bed-makers

Participants who made their bed were found out to lead a generally healthy lifestyle. They had more sex, about three times, on a weekly basis, and they would engage in routine exercise to keep up their healthy lifestyle. That’s not all though – these people have the supreme power of waking up even without the help of an alarm clock! It’s an unbelievable talent. They are generally found working in technology and health fields. If you ever come across a bed-maker, they may turn out to be sociable, confident, high-maintenance and also adventurous. This hardly comes as a surprise, though. A disciplined and healthy lifestyle is always a boost to self-esteem. If you love jazz music, a bit of romance in your movies and try to catch up on episodes of House Hunters, there’s a good chance that you are part of the special bed-makers guild.

The ones who hit the snooze

And what about the rest of us? There’s also a personality study done on participants who did not have such a disciplined morning lifestyle. They are the ones who hit the snooze button to extend their beauty sleep. Reportedly, they have sex twice per week. These people are generally found in the business or finance field. They have quite a strange string of personality traits though. They are generally curious but they can also be shy. They can be moody sometimes, but just look out for the load of sarcastic comments coming from them. Messy sleepers are more into rock music and comedy films. They are more likely to have the episodes of Seinfeld recorded in their memory.

Are you sleeping well?

However, not everything depends on morning habits. The quality of sleep plays a major role as well, especially regarding those who make their beds sixteen minutes after waking up. The participants had an average of around six-and-a-half hours of sleep each night. Quality sleep is essential for the personality traits to match. So, look at the time, and make sure you have good sleep for the night.

Have you checked these factors out? Evaluate your morning habits a bit more – and you’ll be surprised by what you can learn about yourself.

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