In This Amazing City People Live Without Politics, No Religion And No Money

After reading this, you may think that happened long time ago, but you are definitely wrong. There is still a place on Earth to live where ideas do not follow the standards that we are used to. In this city, there is no politics, no religion, no money. This is real paradise on Earth. Think only in one place where you can finally live in peace, where there are none of these factors. The place that you think of exists, it’s called “Auroville”.

Auroville is located in south India, 150 kilometers from Chennai in Madras. This city was founded in 1968. Its residents are over 50 nationalities and different cultures and because of this fact, Auroville was hailed as an international city by UNESCO. People that live in this city coexist without any problem, since they don’t use the money, have no political system, have no religion and don’t live according to the system of exchanges.

In this unique city, the buildings are made based on an experimental architecture and they are changing all the time. The main objective of this kind of structures is reuse and recycling. Although, the buildings seek to optimize the use of renewable energies.

Mirra Alfassa is the person who designed and managed to found this amazing city. She is better known as “MOTHER”. The idea of Mirra Alfassa was that “There should be a place in the world that no nation could claim as its own, where all good willing people who have the honest desire to live freely as citizens of the world, the keeping of one single authority, that of the supreme truth, Concord, peace and harmony, where all the fighting instincts in man were used exclusively to overcome their weaknesses and ignorance, to overcome the causes of their suffering and suffering, and to overcome their disabilities and limitations. A place where the needs of the spirit and interest the progress advantage in terms of satisfying the passions and desires or material enjoyment and the pursuit of pleasure”.

Auroville is sustainable eco-city model. It is a method developed by multi-cutting, combining fruit trees, orchards and cornfields, organized in 15 farms, that reach the area of 160 hectares. This is the way that helps to provide a lot of food for the population. The farms have 50 peasants and 300 neighbors who produce 50% of vegetables and 2% of cereals and rice consumed. Also, the place has sufficient milk, dairy products, and fruits in the season.

Maybe it is not the only city that takes this model, but it’s special to gain UNESCO protection, and we can see how it will be our way of life in yet another few years when the Earth begins to manifest the consequences of our maltreatment to it.

Literally, this city is an example, where its principles are healthy, both physical and mental life. We can only congratulate them and we wish everyone to follow this healthy model of life. Would you agree with this new style of living?

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