Americans be Careful, Your Favorite Drink Can Damage Your Bones From Inside!

Sodas are full of artificial sugars and toxic ingredients, but these sugary drinks are still on the top of the most selling drinks in the US. Unfortunately, Americans aren’t aware of the latest study. It reveals that the most popular soda brands can damage your bones from the inside out.

Many different analyses show that the main cause of Americans overweight issue is these sodas. This fact is not hard to realize considering that 3/4ths of it are sugars. We are literally drinking sugar with Phosphoric Acid. Americans favorite soda can have up to 11 teaspoons of sugar.

The well-known soda brands use fake sugars that affect our blood sugar, causing a release of insulin.

Besides the mass amounts of sugars, sodas also contain a chemical called Phosphoric Acid. This chemical sounds terrifying and it is because hits our lower intestines shortly after drinking it.It binds to magnesium, zinc, and calcium. So instead of your body taking those nutrients and supplying them to your bones, it is bound to the acid and is flushed out of the system through urine.

Consuming sodas every day will actually cause your bones to demolish from the inside out. The study shows that women who drink around six servings of soda per day for six weeks could see an important drop in their bone mineral density. The intensity in bone mineral density was lower with women who drank diet soda, but even diet versions still resulted in a remarkable decrease.

The most intimidating fact is that sodas are very bad for teenagers! These days sodas are the most drinking beverage by teens.  When nine of 10 teen girls and seven of 10 teen boys already aren’t eating enough calcium, they can’t afford to lose calcium to the phosphoric acid in soda. Teens whose bones don’t get enough calcium have a higher risk of breaks, fractures and eventually bone diseases like Osteoporosis.

Sodas damage our bones and lower intestines, but that it’s not the end. Although, they cause the tooth decay. The soda is highly acidic and destroys the enamel on your teeth and without the enamel, our teeth have no protection. Because of the high amounts of phosphoric acid, sodas can cause chronic kidney disease and kidney stones. Sodas can also increase the risk of harm the liver!

Drinking too much soda can end up with some health issues in the future. Sodas are killing us, please avoid them as much as possible. We understand that nobody can completely cut out soda, it’s extremely delicious, but we can try it. It’s about our health.

Source: Awarenessact

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