Ask Your Partner These 9 Personal Questions and Find Your Way Back Into Love

Fairytale endings in fiction are usually new beginnings in real life. In the early days of a new relationship, all couples tend to see each other with rose tinted glasses but this can’t last forever. Every relationship has elements of fighting, compromising and sacrificing. The important thing is to not let these three elements overshadow the most vital part, love.

In this article, we’ve put together nine questions that can bring about an open and serious conversation with your partner, especially if you feel like there are issues in your relationship which need to be solved. So sit down together, get some drinks and talk.

1. What did you like best when we went on our first date?

Most of us can tell whether we want a relationship the very first time we go on a date with that person. Talking about that time later can reignite the spark that might have been snuffed out over time. It will also help both of you understand that you need to spend more time doing things as a couple.

2. What makes up your perfect day?

You can find out more about what your partner really wants and expects. It’s even better if you can tell what your partner is going to say when you ask them this. If you weren’t able to, try to do whatever you can to assist them in reaching their goals.

3. What made you decide that I am the one?

Talking about what first attracted you to each other and showed you that this is the person you want to be with forever can take you back to the happiness you felt when you first got married and bring back the feelings you might have lost.

4. What do you truly live for?

Sometimes we get so lost in our responsibilities that we put away all the things we are truly passionate about. Bring those goals back to the forefront of your mind and try to support each other in fulfilling them.

5. Has anything I’ve done made you doubt my commitment to you?

Your relationship isn’t headed the right way if you aren’t sure of each other so you should take their reply to this very seriously. Make a mental note to not do whatever it is that is causing this fear.

6. If there is one thing you could change about me right now, what would it be?

Everyone has a couple of flaws and we wouldn’t be human without them. Just remember that your partner only wants the best for you so listen calmly to what they have to say and do what you can to be the best version of yourself.

7. What kind of death do you envision for yourself?

This will make their imagination sit up and listen. Not only will you get to know their deepest, darkest self, you will also be able to see how central you are to their future plans.

8. Is there anything you’ve deliberately kept secret from me before?

You don’t have to tell each other what it is but your answers will show you how to improve the way you communicate so that you can be more honest with each other.

9. Till what age do you think we’ll make love with passion?

The conversation can end on a fun note with this question. If they give you a number which you’ll hit in a only a few years, then you should try to make your sex life more interesting.


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