Babies Brain Develop Differently In Males and Females and Here’s How!

For years and years the scientists have tested, learned, and discovered about the brain and their knowledge is shared with us, but we can also confirm that the human brain is still very enigmatic and powerful organ that cannot (for now, hopefully) be truly understood and decoded. But there are new studies that prove and show that the female and male babies have some differences in the early years of development.

The baby brain develops rapidly, the average growth is measured to be 1% a day, and after 3 months 0,4% a day. The neural connections create high level of speed with 25000 connections each minute, and babies develop these connections as they learn new things, and pick up new abilities.

For example, as the baby starts to crawl, and begins to learn how to walk, there are new and new neural connections that the brain creates, and by the age of 2, baby’s brain gains 80% of the size of the adult brain.

The brain of the baby boy develops faster within the first three months of birth than that of a baby girl. That is, the section of the brain which is called cerebellum that is responsible for movement and and it’s coordination grows 8% faster.

Those areas in the brain responsible for motor development are showing growth faster in boys, but the parts that are responsible for memory aren’t as quick and growing. This means that the difference in the brain development between both males and females can be the increased levels of hormone testosterone that imparts male characteristics to the baby between 6-24 weeks of pregnancy.

But, here’s the difference that can be found when observing the development of the baby girls – the sensitivity of vision and hearing is faster than those of the boys, and also they are more developed in speech fluency and memory, and not also that, they may respond to facial expressions and have better ability to remember words.

The ability of the baby to develop certain traits is based on how the baby was raised. So, this means if you talk to them, if you read to them more often, they will be able to communicate better, and this has nothing to do with the gender. You can point at a thing, you can smile at them, and watch their reaction. They will smile or try to communicate with you.

The early maturing of the female brains is well known. When it comes to the brain development with age, the brain prunes some information at maturity—to store what is important and cut on the unwanted information.

By reorganizing the neural network, this kind of rewiring of the neurons helps to improve the brain functionality. This develops early in females, around 10 years of age, while for males, it happens between 15-20 years of age. This is the reason it is said that women mature faster while men take some time to act their age.

While females are better at multitasking and males are being better by remembering directions, there is still not a distinctive line to tell whether the other gender is better or more intelligent.  The difference in the cognitive ability develops due to gender differences, which again is an outcome of dominating hormones in both sexes.

However, developing basic human abilities like learning to walk and talk depends on how parents interact with their kids. What parents can do is to involve their kids in a variety of activities that stimulate different areas of their brain.

The parents should talk with their kids more, they should not pressure their sons to hide their emotions, the right way is to encourage them and talk with them more, or teach your daughters and be there for them when they’re having an emotional vortex. Buy them toys, let them enjoy while they are still kids, and pursue to make them learn something new every day.

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