9 Things Every Empath Will Try to Hide From You

Empaths are very special people and unique in different ways. They are extremely sensitive, which makes them capable of sensing when something is wrong. This type of people tends to absorb the emotions and energy from others, which can be a very negative thing, if they’re around negative people very often.

Empaths are very good at hiding their feelings, thoughts and problems. If you are close to an empath, then you have to be very attentive to his/her behavior. In fact, empaths won’t come to you for help if they need it. That’s why you should pay attention and follow the traits they try to hide from you.

Here are the things every empath try to hide from you:

1. Their sensitivity

Empaths are extremely hypersensitive. They want to hide their emotions from others, just to look strong for the people around them.

2. They are introverted

Empaths want to be alone most of the time. They are very sensitive to the energies of other people, which is so hard sometimes for them to carry that burden.

3. They are great human lie detectors

Empaths have great ability to read other people’s thoughts and intentions. They are excellent lie detectors and can catch you without even noticing. They will remember it forever.

4. They absorb other emotions

Empaths have the ability to absorb other people’s emotions, so if you’re feeling bad, they are too. They don’t want to talk about this, so it’s very hard to notice their empathions.

5. Their high intuition

Empaths are able to make very important decisions based on their intuition. They really know what the universe is trying to tell them. They pick up on more things than you’d think.

6. They easily get stressed

Empaths can feel common emotions and they can easily get stressed. If they have too many tasks to solve at one time it can be extremely overwhelming to them. It might even affect their health.

7. They can be targets for negative people

Empaths are forgiving and understanding, that’s why they can be magnets for negative people and manipulators. They can absorb all of the negativity and replace it with positivity.

8. They Give Too Much

Empaths have a natural need to help other people. They easily put themselves aside, and ignore their own feelings just to satisfy the others. Watch out for them when you will notice they are doing a little too much for other people. You should warn them about it.

9. They Love Deeply

Empaths have extremely deep feelings. They care a lot about their loved ones, friends and society. When an empath loves they tend to love very deeply. They are the most loyal lovers and are some of the best friends you could ever ask for!

Source: Awareness Act

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