The Best 10 Workouts to Burn Belly Fat with No Running or Jogging Included

Now, you don’t have to run to lose weight. This resistance workout will help tone your body, endure more stamina and lose those extra pounds.

The workout consists of exercises that work out every muscle in your body and boost your metabolism. After 3 months of incorporating this exercising plan into your everyday routine, you will notice a great difference in your body. You will lose fat and the levels of iron, fatty liver and insulin will be lowered.

Do these exercises every day, perform each for 60 seconds and lose fat like crazy.

1. Burpee

This exercise burns more calories that cardio. It makes your heart pumping.

2. Pull-up

This exercise works out your back muscles, and although is hard at first, you will be amazed of how it affects your body.

3. Squat

Squats help you work out your butt and legs. Add dumbbells for more intensity.

4. Push-up

This exercise sculpts and tones your shoulders and triceps. It also strengthens and tones your upper chest.

5. Lunge

Lunges help you tone and strengthen your butt, hamstrings and thighs. If you have knee related problems, replace this exercise with glute bridge.

6. Spider crawl

This exercise tones your core and makes better mobility in the hips.

7. Skater

This exercise work outs your knees and ankles. To add more intensity, do minor jumping.

8. Plank

Plank is very effective for strengthening the core and makes your abs stronger. It also helps relieve back pain.

9. Jump rope

Jumping rope is an excellent replacement for running. You will burn calories while your arms and legs get toned.

10. Get up

This exercise is great for strengthening abdominal muscles. Your triceps and core will get engaged too.



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