Best Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Every woman is blessed with motherly instincts. Ever though unluckily not everyone is blessed with this, but the ones who are, it means a great deal to them. Bearing kids is the start of a new journey in a woman’s life and it’s very important to them. Even before a woman starts this journey, she comprises of undying and forgiving love, this is why they have been chosen by god to carry another human within them.

Having the blessing of carrying a kid is unexplainable, imagine what it would feel like to have two at once. There are certain medical treatments like IVF, IUI etc that increase the possibility of conceiving twins. But there are some natural ways too, just in case you were thinking. To know what these natural ways are, continue reading!

Twins are of two kinds- identical and fraternal. Fraternal kids are born when two eggs are released during ovulation. When one eggs splits into two before pregnancy, identical twins are born.

How to increase the chances of conceiving twins:

While some factors can be controlled, the others are absolutely voluntary for example, if you have a family history of twins, your chances of conceiving a twin increases automatically. But not everything is in the hands of humans even after scientific answers to everything.

Certain races are also said to have more chances of having twins, like African American women. Older women are also likely to conceive twins more than younger ones. There are always exceptions and nobody knows if you can be the lucky one. But there are certain things that can surely increase the chances of conceiving twins.


Certain things that improve the chances of having twins:


Older mothers have higher chances of conceiving twins but due to age, they also have a chance of miscarriage.

Too many dietary products:

Consuming excess dietary products can also help in conceiving twins. Nigeria is said to have the highest number of twins and this belief evolves from there. Eating wild yarns can be really beneficial. They cause hyper stimulation of ovaries which can lead to release of one more egg during ovulation. But it should only be consumed in adequate amount.


Breastfeeding can be an important factor too. Doctors say that breastfeeding may increases chances of conceiving by nine times. This was also proved in twin study.

Birth-control pills:

When a woman stop taking birth control pills she is likely to produce hormones again. This phase can also indicate towards too many hormones secretion. This can simultaneously be used to release eggs during the first ovary cycle. However this should be done soon after the woman stops taking her pills and should not be delayed.

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