11 Unexpected Ways To Free Your Body from Toxins and Shine With Health

With everything happening around the world today we already know that our environment is in a shambles and its condition is constantly depleting. The constant change of climate, depletion of ozone layer and ever growing rate of pollution is a clear indication of this. T cannot be denied that these pollutants find their way into our body though or food or through the air and water we consume. Today we bring to you 11 unexpected ways in which you can free your body from toxins.

1-Consume red wine.

Never knew alcohol could help? Well yes it can. Red wine can help in maintaining cholesterol level and get rid of urinary tract infections.

2-Activated charcoal

One capsule of this can help you get rid of excessive fats a heavy metals present in your food as it has no oxygen and can absorb the unnecessary metals from your food. Doctors often refer this to be taken before the consumption of meat.



Everyone knows the benefit of water. It is not hidden how water is good for our body. However, adding a tsp of apple cider vinegar can help enhance its properties and act as a perfect detox drink. Also, it smells horrendous, just saying.

4- No artificial sugar

These block the natural metabolism process of the body which in turn lead to gain of excessive fat in the body leading to other harmful diseases. Switch to brown sugar, maple syrup etc for better results.

5-Organic eating

Seems like our teachers were right. Veggies are filled with goodness. They have immense amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals in them. This not only helps the person to become healthy but also makes their immune system better.

6-Purify air

It’s true that you can never fully purify the air but you can still try. Most of the diseases occur due to air pollution and dust. Hence make sure you clean your house regularly so that no dust settles on furnitures and install air purifiers.

7-Tea over coffee

Unfiltered coffee is said to have high content of cafestol in it which is responsible for increasing cholesterol level in the body. Switch over to tea, preferably green tea. It helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and even detoxs the body.



Fasting can help in cleansing your body since you put so much in it from time to time. Hence try to fast once in a while for a day or two.


Sweating is the best and easiest way of removing harmful waste from your body. Exercise regularly to keep your body fit and active.

10-Choose probiotic food

Digestive system plays a vital role in cleansing your body. It helps in better functioning of your stomach. Foods like plain yogurt are probiotics and can help in getting rid of toxins in your body.

11-Detox smoothies

These are the tastiest way of detoxing. There are immense videos on YouTube with hundreds of recipes of various kinds of smoothies.

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