8 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind, Body and Spirit

In the middle of worldwide natural disasters, stressed out life, heartaches, it’s important to take some time for yourself and see the condition of your mind, body and spirit. Anytime you feel grief and fear take over your body, take some time to clear all the negative energy and get back being your true self.

Our mind, body and soul can get filled with toxins and that’s why it’s important to do a cleanse. The same way you cleanse your body, you must cleanse your mind and soul and throw away any negativity.

Focus on yourself, cleanse your body, mind and soul and illuminate the world with your light.

Here are 8 ways you can cleanse your mind, body and soul:

1. Take a walk in nature

Walking barefoot in nature is an incredible way to connect with the Earth. If you live near an ocean or sea, don’t forget to breathe in the healing ions.

2. Start your day with warm lemon water

Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water with a bit of ginger. This will improve your digestion and cleanse your body.

3. Practice mindfulness

Try to pay more attention to what you’re doing while walking, working, eating and always be aware of your breath. This practice will reduce stress and depression.

4. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day and sun salutes

A great way to start your day is with meditation and sun salutes. This will wake your body and fill you up with positive energy.

5. Have a good cry

It’s important to let go what needs to be let go. Don’t accumulate all those negative feelings, have a good cry and let them go. Spend time with your family and laugh as much as you can because there’s nothing better for the body than a good laughter.

6. Practice a breathing exercise

Try Nadi Shodana, or better known as alternate nostril breathing. This type of breathing exercise will bring balance into your body and clear blockages. This technique equalizes the breath through both your nostrils and balances your breathing. This technique can help you improve your mood, focus better and find peace.

7. Self-massage followed by a warm bath

Grab sesame, almond or coconut oil and start massaging it into your skin. After you’re done with the massage, take a long, warm, salty bath. The warm bath will open your pores and make the oil go deeper into your skin.

8. Express gratitude and loving-kindness

Start writing your own gratitude journal. Every night before going to bed, write what you’re thankful of and express your deepest feeling for the people you love and you’re grateful for. Don’t forget to show small gestures of appreciation throughout the day.


Source: Project Yourself

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