Club13 – A Long History of Kratom Herbals

What is Kratom?

Kratom also known as Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical evergreen tree of the coffee family. It is native to the lush floristic regions of Southeast Asia, more specifically to Indonesia and Malaysia. Kratom has traditionally been chewed on by native peoples in kratom’s indigenous regions with hopes of feeling the effects of the alkaloids present in the plant. Because of such claims about kratom’s alkaloids this plant has gained attention from many in the scientific community as curiosities about its potential benefits become a major point of interest.

Consumers and admirers of herbal products need to rely on a provider that offers the finest and most effective products available, with reasonable prices, proven effectiveness, and information transparency on the components that make up each of the items they sell. At the same time, the ideal herbal vendor should have a long-lasting, strong presence in the field, since this is a sign that their products are consistently effective and trustworthy.

Club13 is a long-established vendor of kratom products and accessories that has enjoyed longevity in the industry. Between the extensive line of kratom products and its efficient customer service and ingredient clarity, it is the top choice for kratom and herbal product enthusiasts in the country.

Experts and fans of herbal products such as kratom tend to be cautious when it comes to choosing what they will consume. After all, consuming the wrong substance can hurt them, instead of providing the effects they anticipated. If an herbal vendor has stayed in the market for a long time, it is a good sign that their products are trustworthy enough to continue selling, as well as having built a strong clientele

Club13 has been in the market of selling kratom products for nearly 20 years, which is impressive for a company in a field with strong competition. The company began in Saint Augustine, Florida in 1999, a time where the kratom industry was just beginning to establish itself in the United States. The visionary founders of the company saw the potential in the consumption of the plant and took advantage of it at exactly the right time.

From what I understand and for the business to thrive, Club13 partnered with several private farmers to create a large variety of high-quality kratom products. It is a younger client base. Ever since then, the company has continued its successful streak of kratom products and innovations. There is a lot of learn about Kratom and

Kratom products are available for both individual consumers and for wholesale-retail sales.

High-Quality Kratom Products

The company has built a strong reputation for providing a diverse line of high quality, reliable kratom products. No matter what type of kratom or the manner of consumption, Club13 has the solution for every taste. The company sells kratom products online in the variety of Green Malay, Bali Red, Horn, and Indo White, as well as green, white, and red Maeng Da. Some of the consumption methods offered for each selection include regular capsules, extra strength capsules, extracts, powder, and liquids for those who prefer vaping.

Club13 also offers other products, such as a mixed blend of powder kratom known as Connoisseur and home drug test kits, which can vary from testing just marijuana and a certain amount of THC to more varied, multi-panel kits that test for drugs such as cocaine, oxycodone, morphine, and PCP. Akuamma seeds and Kava root are also available.

All the online store’s products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The products are all 100% lab tested, certified with quality control standards set by the good manufacturing practice (GMP) system.

Club13’s Dedication to Customer Service

To show customer appreciation and care, Club13 offers several discount coupons and special offers for several of their products. For instance, there is a 10% discount on all Green Malay products, as well as a 13% discount on the 10-panel drug test kit.

This is not the only way that Club13 takes care of its customers, however. One of the store’s most notable features is its top-notch customer service. Consumers can contact the company with any questions by filling out an online form or through email or phone number during weekday business hours. The company’s staff answers questions from their clientele and have a return policy in case customers are not satisfied with their products.

The company also engages in transparency with the customer. Concerned customers can fill out an application to the Club13 website to request full lab reports, which indicate each product’s composition and testing results. The company wants to reassure customers that their products are completely safe and beneficial to use by practicing honesty and clarity.

Between its longevity in the kratom business, its strong variety of quality products, and its informational and helpful customer service practices, Club13 remains the leading vendor of kratom products in the industry.

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