How Difficult It Is To Love Someone According To Their Zodiac


Since you’ve worked so hard to ensure your independence, you don’t consider other people essential for your happiness. You refuse to give up any part of your life for someone else and this makes it difficult for those who want to get through to you.


You can’t give yourself to someone if you don’t know what they want and a Scorpio will have a hard time trying to tell you what it is they desire. Their lack of self-awareness leaves them unable to figure out what they expect out of a relationship so they never find satisfaction.


When you get together with a Sagittarius, you just can’t be confident that they’ll still be with you tomorrow. Rash by nature, they are also fearful of commitment so it’s going to be hard to keep them from straying.


It’s hard to break the walls around an Aquarius because it is not natural for them to be open. They are closed off because they are scared of vulnerability and this makes them averse to relationships because they knew that they’ll have to be vulnerable to the other person.


Rational almost to a fault, they avoid everything that doesn’t benefit them. When they meet a person who seems like a sensible choice, they’ll do their best to win them over. However, if you are in love with them but you can’t get them to see your value, you won’t get them.


The exact opposite of Capricorns, they tend to let their feelings get the better of them. They have a hard time coming to any sort of conclusion because they’re always torn in two. On the other hand, they’re also very adjusting and make a great addition to any team.


There won’t be a single boring moment when you’re around a Leo but this trait can be a double-edged sword. They’re as proud as the lions that represent their sign so while they’re excellent partners; it’s hard to deal with their inflated sense of self.


Every day is like a new adventure for you and you won’t be happy with anything less. Your ambitions mean everything to you and you will do everything it takes to get where you want to be. Unfortunately, this often causes you to neglect your relationships but you always pull through in the end.


Loyalty is the most defining trait of a Taurus but it’s not easy to get them to come out of their shells. They are closed off and very few people can get through their barriers. However, if you can win their trust, they’ll always have your back.


If you get a Libra to fall for you, you’re a very lucky human being. Problem solvers by nature, they’re constantly working to ensure that there everything is calm and peaceful. Their generosity and selflessness ensures that they will give everything they have when they enter into a relationship.


When a Pisces falls in love, they leave no stone unturned. They believe in being open about their emotions and will never fail to tell you if they care about you. Their readiness to give their love makes them wonderful lovers to have.


The most nurturing of all the signs in the Zodiac, you can always depend on a Cancer to be there for you when you need them. They have big hearts and never run out of love to give. They are kind and generous to everyone they meet and have the potential to make excellent parents.

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