Why Do Empaths Have Such A Strong Sense Of Not Belonging?

In-spite of being the human home for a lot of people, empaths tend to be the ones who never feel complete anywhere and this is the harsh reality. As empaths, we constantly feel like we are being made to squeeze in a box and we are unable to settle down. In our daily lives, we come across so many people who have accepted everything in the society as and how it is. We often question ourselves as to why they are able to fit in and we aren’t. It is almost like we are always foreign to every place.

The main trait of an empath is said to be having the ability to connect with people and be the helping hand. It might sound very easy but that isn’t the case. We might always be ready to help people and hear them out in a difficult situation but that does not mean that we agree with everything they do. Empaths also have the ability to pick up others pain. So they need to be very careful about the kind of people they are surrounded with. Being an empath has its own pros and cons.

Imagine being able to feel the pain of everyone around you. Even if people you don’t really agree on. It is emotionally exhausting. You start carrying a load of unnecessary emotions on shoulders.

Most empaths only realize their emotional limit once they have gone through a very tough situation or after intense awakening.

The personality and body language of an empath face a drastic change after this awakening. They avoid being surrounded by a lot of people and like being by themselves for a while. This acts more as energy restoration. We prefer being alone which all the more makes us feel like we don’t belong to this place.

Although these dark phases are helpless and are more like initiations, we do realise that they are only making us a better individual. This nature also sets us apart from others.
We go through a lot of dark phases in our lives just to find the light and that helps us in appreciating the little things in life. When we don’t give up in our hard times, it moulds us into becoming a better version of ourselves. This also leads to a lot of changes taking place in our body language and also our thought process.

Every tough situation in our life teaches us something or the other and later on lead to better scenarios.

The feeling of “not belonging” helps an empath to keep moving and exploring life. It helps us to keep moving forward in life and learn different things from different sources. We also face certain situations where we unlearn things too. This helps us in becoming an overall package. As time passes by we stop looking for answers in the outside world and start reaching out to our inner-self for answers. This is a result of experience.

There is a very narrow line that differs not belonging to the society with not belonging to one’s self. As long as you are working on becoming a better version of yourself, it is perfect. Make sure you reach out for help if you start feeling like you don’t belong to yourself.

Source: MysticalRaven

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