The Spiritual Side Effects Of Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption is the rage these days, life seems incomplete without alcohol, be it at parties, receptions, celebratory occasions, or just alone. Alcohol has become a tool to enhance enjoyment, and to cope with sorrows. Few however put any thought into what alcohol does to the soul.

Tracing alcohol back to its roots, we find that the word comes from alkuhl which in Arabic translates to “body-eating spirit”. It also has etymological connections to ghoul, which is popularly used to allude to an entity that devours dead bodies. There are references in the works of alchemists of the Middle Ages, of words like “alembic” or life-water, distilled waters produced as by-products. As is common knowledge, many of the stronger varieties of alcohol are produced by distillation of the fermented beverage.

Writer Jason Christoff explains through alchemy how alcohol sucks the soul out of us, making us susceptible to being dominated by spirits with lower frequencies. We often see people losing consciousness after excessive drinking. This happens because the positive energies within us are unable to linger in the corrupt and insidious environment of the intoxicated body and exits it, leaving our bodies as empty vessels to be controlled by evil spirits. That is when we start indulging in vulgar impulses, debauchery and recklessness.

Clairvoyants and empaths have claimed to have seen sinister energies surrounding drunken people, hovering close to clubs and drinking houses, waiting for the positive spirits within the people to exit so they can take over. They cease to be themselves anymore, possessed by evil entities. This concept can be found described in detail in the anecdotes in Paramhansa Yogananda’s book Man’s Eternal Quest.

Studies related to advertising and their effect the target audience reveals the insertion of sexual connotations and hidden messages instigating our primal urges in alcohol advertisements and commercials. They trigger the subconscious and lure the mind into buying their products, convincing them that alcohol helps us have a good time. They conceal the negative behaviour and discomfort at both physical and spiritual levels and project a false idea of well-being.

On the physical level, alcohol dishevels the body, numbing the immune and nervous systems, and killing brain cells. Persistent alcohol consumption causes degeneration of the liver and weight gain. If consumed by pregnant women, it can adversely affect the child in the womb as well. Despite such drastic and deleterious side-effects, it is a legalised commodity available everywhere. Demand for alcohol is also widespread. Ironically, psychedelics that are found to have certain useful properties and spiritually elevating prospects are banned in countries like the United States. Certain conspiracy theories forward the opinion that it is a propagandist move to obstruct the citizens from harnessing optimum capability.

Over the centuries, alcohol has been alluded to in various cultures as related to the soul. It is believed to share roots with kohl, a blank powder used by Egyptians and Indians to outline their eyes, believed to keep evil spirits at bay. It is time to heed the warnings in ancient mythological texts of various cultures and keep away from alcohol, protecting our souls from the clutches of evil forces.

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