Everyone Who Suffers From High Functioning Anxiety Shares These Habits

Anxiety has a different impact on everyone – some people are affected by it to a level that they couldn’t work properly their daily tasks or interacting with the people that are surrounded by, and some are coping with it well but still manage to pick up some habits that are doing them repeatedly as a result, that sorts them out of the anxiety doubt attack. Here are some common things that anxious people share.


Most of the time people won’t notice if you have an anxiety or not, you only know it yourself. They may sense your weird habits but they won’t bat an eye on it, because your face says something else. Your heart may be beating super fast but your face will remain calm, or when you have a big event coming up and you’re the “lead role”, you feel strong anxiety but you’ll manage not to show the stress and panic from it, and try to be as calm as possible. You sort of manage it. But the fact is that anxiety is always there, it manifests in different ways (nausea, headaches, panic, and worries) and no matter how much you fear that it will consume you, it’s actually a never-ending battle in your head.

Irish exit

You leave earlier when you’re out with your friends, or any social gathering. You like to feel fun and have fun but it becomes stressful for you and you suddenly feel the need to retreat, so you get your stuff at the first right moment and you leave. Sometimes without a warning, so your friends won’t try to make you stay.


It may be in your best interest, but sometimes you need to slow it down. No matter how much it distracts you from your anxiety attacks you cannot overfill yourself with work all of the time. If it’s not work, you’ll find other things that will keep you occupied. You don’t trust your thoughts enough to be alone with them for too long.


You’re a sort of person that likes to make other people happy and it makes you happy to please them, so you do the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make them pleased. You don’t think about what makes you happy, so you end up making others for you.

No mistakes

You are always hard on yourself, much more than other people are. You tend to punish yourself in some kind of way even for your smallest mistakes. Remind yourself that you’re a human (after all) and its okay.


It gets you a lot of time to do even the simplest amount of work, but you’re a perfectionist at heart and you like to follow your beliefs over perfection. It’s mostly a vicious cycle that makes you unsatisfied with your accomplishments.

Bad habits

As an anxious person you have developed some habits that help you to cope with your anxiety better. Biting your nails, plucking your hairs, scratching, picking your skin – you do everything it takes to calm yourself down.

Little things

You are more prone to procrastinating things because even the small tasks seem really big to you at times. This also includes when you need to talk to people, make phone calls, some tasks at your workplace that you know that are very simple but you panic and procrastinate of doing them, sending out emails and messages. All of these trigger your anxiety.


You feel isolated from your friends at times due to the fears that you are coping with. You are isolating yourself, consciously or unconsciously from the people that you spend your time with, even your closest ones, because you’re constantly unhappy with yourself, your work, your life and the choices you make.


You may constantly have thoughts of stress and self doubt. You may seem like a normal person, with no signs of anxiety or stress in you, like you have full control over your life. It doesn’t matter how people think that you are successful at what you do, and are proud of who you are, it’s very hard for you to believe it when you’re doubting yourself, and stressing yourself. All because of the anxiety.

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