Find Out Which Animal Goddess You Are

Animalistic goddesses have played important roles in various ancient cultures like Egyptian or Indian. They represent femininity and its power through various symbolisms. There are 5 kinds of animal goddesses and each of them comes with different power and personality.

Use your intuition and find out which animal goddess you are:

1.Bird Goddess

This goddess comes from the old Egyptian culture. She represents vitality, healing and emotions. A bird is a messenger that travels and is fueled by an innate passion for constant change. People who have this archetype are sensitive, open and want to share their knowledge with others. This type of people wants to feel free and hate when something ties them down.

2.Snake Goddess

This goddess comes from the Greek and Indian culture. Snakes are very intuitive, strong and lucid. This animal goddess is believed to be gifted with the power of life. People who feel connected to this archetype are intuitive and compassionate. They can adapt to various scenarios very fast, like snakes through various paths. These types of people feel intensely connected to everything around them.

3.Bee Goddess

This goddess can be seen in both Greek and Indian mythology. Bees are hardworking creatures; they create honey that serves the purpose of healing. If you feel connected to this animal goddess, you are most likely born as a leader. You work hard to achieve your goals. That’s what makes you strong.

4.Cat Goddess

This goddess comes from Egypt and represents wisdom, independence and success. Cats carry a lot of wisdom; they are very confident and independent animals. If you find yourself connected to this archetype, then you are a very strong person who seeks justice and fight for what you believe in.

5.Cow Goddess

This goddess is seen in the culture of the Baganda tribe of Uganda. The cow represents vitality and life. These cultures have seen the cow as goddesses since this animal support life with milk. They don’t believe that cows are meant for meat and leather. If you feel connected to this archetype, you are someone with strong maternal instincts. You are very compassionate who love to support everyone with love and wisdom.

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