How Much Sex You Need to Increase Your Intelligence, According to Science

Having sex with your partner relieves stress, makes you happier and boosts your mood. But, we are all familiar with these benefits from being intimate. Besides the physical and mental benefits of a healthy sex, it’s been found that sex can also increase your intelligence.

How can sex make you smarter?

According to the recent studies by the Universities of Coventry and Oxford, having regular sex at least once a week can improve your brain function and boost your memory.

“At orgasm we see a tremendous increase in the blood flow [to the brain]. So my belief is it can’t be bad. It brings all the nutrients and oxygenation to the brain”, says the neuroscientist professor, Barry Komisaruk.

73 people total, of which 28 men and 45 women with an age range spanning 50 and 83 took part in the study published in The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences. The participants were asked to answer how often they have sex over the last 1 year. Then, the participants took some tests that measure the patterns of brain function. The test itself had a focus on memory, fluency, attention, language and visuospatial ability.

The study found that those adults who answered that they had sexual activity on a weekly basis scored higher on both verbal fluency and visuospatial ability.

Although, this study has shown that sex improves brain function and makes people smarter, there’s no real answer yet to whether it’s a social or physical cause that makes those who have sex more often perform better on cognitive tests.

How much sex do we need to be smarter?

The answer is once a week. Although this study was done on a very specific age range of older people, there’s no reason not to start training your brain right now.

Source: Power of Positivity

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