Find Out What Will Make You Happy By The End Of This Year Based On Your Zodiac

At the end of the day, it is all about being happy, isn’t it? Well, what does make one happy? A lot of things. But, since humans are very different from each other, it is assured that different things make different people elated.

Here, you would get to know about your happiness through your zodiac. So, you must be able to find out what you want at the end of 2019.


You have had a pretty boring and unexciting last year. This year, all you are looking for is something eventful to happen that will get you out of your rut. Anything out of the blue, anything extraordinary, and even if it means that you need to take a risk, you would still be happy by the end of it.


All you are looking from 2019 is some straight up stability. You have had several changes the last year and you want things to be just fixed for the time being. No more random shifts. You just want people and things to be what they have always been.


You want freedom. It could be from literally anything that is holding you back. From toxic people to a dead job to a bad house or just your own anger. It could be anything, for all you want is some peace and a breath of fresh air at the end of the day. And that will only be possible if you are ready to let go.


You don’t want your life to be under constant emotional breakdowns. So, this year, all you want is one stable thing in your life that you can hold onto without letting it go. You don’t want any more emotional instability, for that would affect every other aspect of your life.


Let go of this notion that you are perfect. For no one is. Accept your faults, accept your issues and promise to work on them. Don’t think that if you throw yourself down from that pretentious pedestal that you put yourself on, others would start disrespecting you. In fact, you would be even more respected for being someone who knows he is only human.


Unbelievably high standards can make someone sad. Don’t put the bar so high that you strive for something your entire life endlessly, only to never succeed. Look at expectations as human needs and fulfill them. But never consider them as wants, for then it would go beyond your reach. Don’t be disappointed by others’ efforts, for everyone is trying the best they can.


You are not the UN. So, don’t concern yourself with issues that don’t need your help. Simply look towards micromanaging your own life and try finding a balance in your own life. Maintain a personal and professional scale where homeostasis needs to be maintained.


Focus within yourself. All the power that you thought came from externalities was actually your own fighting spirit. You are a very strong individual who knows how to survive in this cruel world. But, start believing in yourself instead of looking outside for solutions.


You need a great deal of positivity in your life as you are going through challenges. If you want to come out alive, you need to have people around you who would take care of you as you keep striving.


You want to be the best and nothing will make you happy. So we will keep it short. If you want to succeed in life because you believe success makes one happy, then work your butt off.


Your happiness lies in realizing that you are getting over whatever held you back. You are ready to fight against those bonds and all you need is to drop those shackles that slow you down.


You are am essentially good human being. Surround yourself with people who would recognize the goodness in you. Otherwise, being unappreciated is always a heart-breaking affair.

So, go out and be happy.

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