Habits of Deceitful People (And How to Steer Clear of Them)

If you’ve ever been lied to, which every one of us must have had, you know the hurt and the loss that can come out of it. Even worse than being lied to is being deceived. So how are the two different? If at all!

Well, lies can be individual instances and could have slipped out in the lack of better judgment. A deceiver is someone who sets up an elaborate plan to dupe you; they will incorporate a number of lies to make you believe whatever it is that’s necessary for their own benefit.

So how do you know when someone is being willfully deceptive? Look out for these signs:

Pay attention to their microexpressions

Microexpressions are the facial gestures that slip through for a split second through a deceiver’s carefully constructed visage. It could be anything, such as a slight strain in their smile even for as less as 1/5th of a second. If you suspect that you are being deceived, look for these signs of their hidden emotions.

They act all defensive

Again, this is something that might slip your notice if you are not looking for it. But when a person is lying to you, they unconsciously get on the defensive because their subconscious is guilty. Body language such as avoiding eye contact and crossing their arms in front of them are all signs that they are not entirely at their ease. This unease on their part is the subconscious fear that what they are doing is not entirely honest and they might be reprimanded if caught.

They try to distract you by the conversation

They will start talking about unrelated things or prolong some obscure point without there being any need to do so. This is because they want to distract you enough while they think of a lie to supplement their point.

So what comes next when you have identified a deceitful person in your life? How do you deal with them and their deception? Read on:

Avoid contact when they are acting weird

See if they are more edgy or maybe overly excited. Any variation from their normal self might indicate a deceitful plan. If they seem too distracted they might be planning something in their head.

Test them

If you suspect foul play, try getting them befuddled. Ask questions or enquire about little details which they might have missed while planning their deceit. If they are not being true, they will get flustered.

Walk away if you sense contempt

If you feel like a person has turned contemptuous towards you out of the blue, walk away from such a situation. This means that they think that you are beneath them, a Nobody who can easily be duped and so they have no regards for you or your feelings. Stay Away from this toxic environment the minute you notice it. Nothing is worth this kind of treatment and it will be better for your overall mental and emotional well being.

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