The Main Reason Of Your Unhappiness Based On Your Zodiac Sign


At the current moment, the biggest factor behind your unhappiness is because you know you are settling for less than what you deserve. You believe in your capabilities and hard work, but somehow it is not enough and all the dreams and hopes you had for your future seem to be getting dimmer and you can’t bring yourself to deal with the reality.


You are down to earth and also stubborn. Though you don’t demand much in life, you have very strong opinions about certain things and don’t like them to be challenged. Your sadness arises from the fact that, try as you might you can’t control everything around you and you have no other option but to compromise on your ideals.


You’ve spent your life trying to be a people pleaser. What others think of you is very important for you and so you spend immense time and energy in trying to look good to others. But that has made you lose track of how you look to yourself. You are not sure anymore how you want to appear in front of your own eyes, and if anything seems out of the ordinary, it gives you great stress.


A Cancer by nature is very kind and compassionate. They are one of the most generous souls around and they not only observe and feel the distress of others, they actually try to remedy those ills as well. Noble as all of this is, this usually means that they don’t care about themselves enough to pay attention to their own needs. And this leads to them neglecting themselves, which is the biggest reason for a Cancer’s unhappiness.


The reason that you are not happy and at peace with yourself is because you have not yet learnt to let go of the past. This means that the toxic people and events which took place in the past still have a hold on you and it is not allowing you to be happy.


You are not very expressive by nature and this is causing you unhappiness. Because you keep your emotions, positive as well as negative bottled up inside you, you are not able to feel free and happy.


You are worries about some people that you rubbed the wrong way in the first meeting. Forget about all of that, this is life, you cannot ever please everyone.


You too are worried too much about the opinions of others. How they will look at you if you do something drives your decisions instead of how it will make you feel.


You are not happy because you know you are made for bigger things than the ones you are currently pursuing. And this ache of not staying true to your potentials is causing you distress.


You are bombarded with ideas and there are just so many possibilities in front of you that you are not able to ouch one and work on it. This inability to take action, when you clearly have so many options in front of you is what’s causing you unhappiness.


The reason behind your unhappiness is that the people you work under or those around you are just too condescending. No one is willing to interact with you enough to get an idea of your intelligence and this indifferent attitude is driving you up to the walls.


You spend more time thinking about the good things that can happen that you forget to enjoy and appreciate the ones which are already working in your favor. Reality will never match up to your dreams if you don’t let it.

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