Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Secretly Wants In a Relationship

A relationship can only survive when both parties find what they want and need in a relationship. More than often, it is difficult to tell as to what our partner’s demands are and even though science has come a long way, we still do not know how to read minds.

Now, there might be another way to go about this- zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign has its own demands and needs so read on to find out what your partner really wants!


Aries is all about being the dominant one in all relationships and is generally the tough one but on the inside, they are softies. A warm gesture and attention will do it for them.


They are the most balanced of all signs and are all about honesty and loyalty. They are pretty low maintenance and all they want is their honesty and loyalty back from you.


Geminis love people and get along with big groups very well, they also find their own place in society all on their own so what they would like is stimulating conversation.


Cancers crave security in a relationship- when they get together with someone, they want to stay with them forever and this commitment is what they desire in a relationship.


Leos are all about big gestures and very unsubtle declarations of love. They will love hard and they also want to be loved hard.


Virgos in general have some trouble trusting people so they need the time to really get to know you to be able to trust you but once they do, they will love you like no one else.


They are the best at being there for people- they will hear you out and not only that, they are also very articulate. They are great at conversation and like to be taken up on things that they feel strongly about. Make sure you tell them what they mean to you often.


Scorpios are a bit too much about everything- rude on the outside and softie on the inside. You just have to get through the tough side.


They are free souls- they hate being tied down, which means they need space. They might not always be there for you but if you manage to stay with them, there will be numerous thrilling experiences.


Capricorns struggle to find balance between the heart and brain often times so they like being with people who help them decided and appreciate them.


An Aquarius is far from what we may call “normal”. They are weird and get suffocated fast, which is why they need someone who can give them the breathing space that they will always need.


They are the creative ones! Get your artsy side on and talk to them about art of all kinds, that’s honestly all they want.

There are different things that everyone wants in a relationship but something that each one of us wants in love – don’t forget that.

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