How to Get Your Boring Boyfriend Excited About Life Again

Relationships are supposed to be exciting but sometimes, you might end up with a boring boyfriend. He might be someone who lacks the spunk or has changed suddenly. Maybe you were blind in love. But a boring boyfriend can be really hard to deal with. Relationships are hard, so just don’t end it yet. Be patient and try these steps to bring the passion back in a relationship:

1. Examine the relationship


It’s time to assess the relationship from the start. Has there been a change in the personality of your boyfriend? Or was he always boring? You should look at why you fell in love in the first place.

2. Communication

The key to any relationship is communication. You can presume an endless number of problems but unless you talk to your boyfriend, you will know nothing about it. So, talk openly and express your feelings.

3. Go out

Sometimes, if both of you have been staying in the same room for a long time without going out, lethargy sets in. Start going outside more. Just go out on a walk or have an ice-cream. Bring a change in your life.

4. Ignite his passion

Your boyfriend might have slumped down because nothing really captures his attention. Dig into your memory – think of the times when he might have said something he had a desire for. Try to go out and do it – ignite his passion. He might surprise you.

5. Go for a date

If you have been staying on the couch and always enjoying Netflix, your boyfriend really doesn’t have anything interesting to show you. Start going out again – go for a nice date at a cozy restaurant. Re-live the first days of romance. Get a coffee date if you have to.

6. Spending time

Have you checked how much time you spend with your boyfriend? This can be a problem if you are staying with one another for too long. If you are with your boyfriend all the time, he will seem repetitive. Take some time out for yourself. You’ll see him in a new light.

7. Have an exciting plan

Are there some weird plans in your bucket list? Involve your boyfriend in it and start making elaborate plans. Go on a tour around Europe! Or maybe you’re waiting for a concert? Take him with you.

8. Do something both of you hate

Share a moment which is hateful for both of you. It’s one of those experiences which you can laugh out because of your mutual hate. So if both of you hate the theatres – go for it. Drool over the cushion and have a story to tell later on.

9. Hang out with friends

He might be feeling like an outcast and doesn’t get much time to talk or meet with his friends. Be the bridge that he wants. Invite mutual friends to come over. Have a party, make him connect with his buddies.

10. Have sex

Are you being intimate enough? Chances are you are not, and your boyfriend is too shy to reveal that. So, amp up your sex life and start getting into the mood. If the last time you had sex is long ago, this could be the reason for his indifference.

11. Figure it out

If none of the above steps work, there might be something deeper that’s affecting him. Maybe he’s depressed and needs a therapist. It could also be that he wishes to break up but is too afraid to speak up. This is the time that you need to step in and try to figure it out.

12. Break up and take a long break

If you can’t figure it out and nothing’s changed, why should you be willing to suffer? If someone’s willing to change, you can help him. But if he doesn’t value you enough, then just let him go. Relationships are mutual, and if there’s no effort from his side – just break it up.

If you think that you can work it out, try harder. Relationships are precious. But make sure you don’t lose yourself in all these attempts. You have your own life, and it should not revolve around someone else. Take the right decision and follow that path. Don’t mind anyone else.

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