How Your Body Energy Affect Your Health Condition And Your Way Of Life

According to ancient Hindu philosophy, our body has seven energy centers which control our mental and physical health. They control a lot of things which include self-esteem, love, communication and our instincts too.

According to Hinduism, these Chakras are present along our spine – which is, after all, one of the most important parts of our body after the brain. These Chakras are always rotating – they have their own color and a different rotational speed. The health of an individual depends on the brightness and the size of these chakras.

If there is a balance between the motion of all the chakras, a person can be said to be in harmony with their inner health and is ‘well’. An imbalance can bring a lot of issues, from fatigue to severe depression. According to the Doctor of Physical Therapy, Reshma Patel, there are seven chakras present in our body, and they are:

The Root Chakra

This is present at the base of our spine, that is, near the tailbone, and it is connected to the ground. As a result, it offers us stability and controls our instinct to survive. It keeps us grounded too. If this chakra gets blocked somehow, then we might get anxious or insecure. Also, certain physical problems like knee issues and anorexia can take place.

Belly Chakra

This Chakra is present two inches below our navel point and controls our need to express ourselves creatively or our need to value ourselves. It also controls our intuition and sexuality. So, for a proper social and personal life, this Chakra needs to be in balance. Or else, you might ruin your relationship with a loved one, family, or friends.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This is present about two inches below our breastbone. It controls our impulse, strength, ego and passion. Any kind of psychic development takes place in this area. An imbalance in this area can result in confusion and depression. It can also cause physical issues like diabetes, nerve-related problems, or even allergies of food.

Heart Chakra

This Chakra is sitting between the two shoulder blades. It houses compassion, spirituality, and love. It connects our body, mind, and spirit and therefore, a proper balance can make us empathetic and kind. An imbalance in this area can result in indecisiveness and hesitation, especially when it is related to leaving something or someone. Physical problems can take place too, like insomnia, troubles with breathing, and heart attack.

Throat Chakra

This Chakra lies at the lower neck where the collarbones form a V. Since it is near the throat, this chakra helps in speech, communication, and also written communication. If it is well-balanced, then you can do well in music because you can express yourself well in a very melodious voice. An imbalance can cause you to be shy, inexpressive, and a bit fragile. This has physical manifestations too like an ear infection, inflammation. and back pain.

Third Eye

Located at the center of your forehead, the third eye is a powerful chakra. It is related to enhanced psychic abilities, light energy, and high levels of intuition. With the proper use of the third eye, we can be more selfless and be highly intuitive. An imbalance can mean non-assertiveness and fear of success.

Crown Chakra

This is located at the top of our skull. A source of knowledge and enlightenment, this chakra controls your spiritual side. A balanced one would be able to accept knowledge easily as well as transmit it. However, an imbalance can lead to destructive thoughts, which seeps into physical manifestations like depression or a migraine.

The human body is a mystery but the Hindu therapists knew how the Chakra system could control the energy present within all of us. Now, it is your choice to believe in it and balance your chakra with proper meditation techniques.

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